Definition of chambered in English:



  • 1(especially of a gun) having a chamber of a particular kind.

    ‘the rifles are chambered for an intermediate size cartridge’
    • ‘Now think about the calibers for which all those guns are chambered.’
    • ‘The martial artists knew that the Isosceles stance would not work with a ‘real’ gun chambered in .45 ACP.’
    • ‘Logistics played an important part in his recommendations, which frequently included selecting defensive and utility guns chambered for the same rounds.’
    • ‘We are now seeing DA sixguns coming forth chambered in .454, but they are much larger and heavier than their SA counterparts.’
    • ‘As mentioned, this is a semiautomatic chambered in .22 Long Rifle.’
    • ‘Unlike many of today's shotguns which are chambered to accept the 3-inch magnum loads, this one isn't.’
    • ‘Winchester's previous rifle was only chambered for the .44 Henry Rimfire cartridge.’
    • ‘Now, Taurus has a handgun chambered in the mini-magnum.’
    • ‘It was an Ithaca M37 pump-action shotgun, chambered in the 12 gauge.’
    • ‘Both the Official Police and New Service revolvers were chambered to a .41 Colt Special.’
    • ‘From time-to-time you will run into other surplused Warsaw Pact pistols chambered for the 9x18 Makarov.’
    • ‘At least they bought 1,000 revolvers so chambered, which Smith & Wesson delivered to them in 1871.’
    • ‘The revolver was originally chambered for the .44 Henry rimfire cartridge.’
    • ‘This is truly a handgun hunter's revolver chambered in a handgun hunter's caliber.’
    • ‘It's chambered in a variety of guns, 30-plus types of guns shoot this type of round.’
    • ‘It was glittering and chambered; it was graveyard-heavy.’
    • ‘The package begins with Weatherby's Fibermark rifle chambered in 7mm Rem.’
    • ‘The massive revolver, chambered in the new .500 S & W Magnum, was an astonishing success.’
    • ‘In 1889, Denmark adopted the Krag-Jorgensen rifle chambered for the 8x58R cartridge.’
    • ‘Outside of handgun hunters who use it extensively, there are several handy lever action rifles chambered for the big .44.’
    1. 1.1Archaeology (of a tomb) containing a burial chamber.
      • ‘The chambered tomb, 1,000 years older than nearby Silbury Hill, had been surrounded by a fence and arable fields and the access path to the monument was steep, narrow and fenced.’
      • ‘The interesting thing was that whereas the pots from chambered tombs were thick and heavy, the domestic pots were really quite dainty with thin walls.’
      • ‘This would not be out of place in a much older Neolithic chambered tomb.’
      • ‘In prehistoric Britain early agricultural communities deposited their dead in communal, highly visible locations such as chambered tombs, barrows and burial cairns.’
      • ‘Using a horse, some rope, and their stile as an A-frame for leverage, they were able to open up the chambered tomb.’
    2. 1.2Biology (of a plant, animal body, or organ) having one or more body cavities.
      in combination ‘a four-chambered heart’
      • ‘They achieve this feat because of a specially adapted three chambered lung that extends the entire length of their body.’
      • ‘The genus Eoporpita shows extensive tentacles radiating from a central boss, which in some specimens appears chambered.’
      • ‘It's possible that the complex, chambered heart didn't change gradually, with many genes evolving minor mutations that changed their functions.’
      • ‘You can find them in phenomena ranging from the shell of the chambered nautilus to hurricanes and spiral galaxies.’
      • ‘Being leaf eaters, they eat a great deal of leaves, fruits, twigs, and tree bark; they have chambered stomachs.’