Definition of chamber organ in English:

chamber organ


  • A movable pipe organ for playing in a small concert hall, chapel, or private house.

    • ‘The chamber organ was built by England & Son of London in 1790 and located in the Dining Room.’
    • ‘However, being a fan of the chamber organ and baroque music in general, I popped the CD's into my player and was more than pleasantly surprised by what was on offer.’
    • ‘The Chamber Organ was an instrument of considerable popularity in the past, serving in many cases as a domestic instrument within the home.’
    • ‘This John Snetzler chamber organ has been loaned for the Gilbert Stuart concerts by the National Museum of American History.’
    • ‘Next came a duet for chamber organ and cornetto by Palestrina, in which Jamie Savan showed what a master he already is of this tricky instrument.’
    • ‘The blind organist André Marchal left him his chamber organ in his will; it was installed in the family house in Muswell Hill where Felix spent most of his 90 years.’
    • ‘They are La Castella of the disc's title: harpsichord, chamber organ, theorbo and cello.’
    • ‘In addition to the palace there were many other historical settings and rooms to equip with English furniture of all sorts - even a chamber organ of about 1775 that Hood added in 1988.’
    • ‘An alternative was the barrel organ, usually a small chamber organ for which the church could buy a selection of pinned barrels with the most popular hymn tunes of the day ready set.’
    • ‘Starting on the small East-end Cousans and the Stow chamber organ they made the most of the different characters of C P E Bach's Four Little Duets, particularly the bright, perky No 4.’
    • ‘‘Organ Interlude’ is exactly that, a playful eight minutes, in which Weston extracts an impressive array of sounds from the chamber organ, with apposite responses from Coxhill.’
    • ‘The continuo is completed by either the harpsichord (played by director Ottavio Dantone) or by chamber organ.’
    • ‘In 1972 a small two rank Chamber Organ was purchased for use in concerts and services.’
    • ‘Giovanni Picchi's Toccata showed off the chamber organ beautifully, sounding more like a church organ in some dusty, out of the way Italian town.’
    • ‘This was not an ensemble piece, but a solo performance by Fiona Russell, with chamber organ accompaniment.’