Definition of chalupa in English:



  • 1A fried tortilla in the shape of a boat, with a spicy filling.

    • ‘The value of a chalupa is not imputed through the sweat equity of the migrant workers.’
    • ‘Abhidar, what do you want… the chalupa or the hard taco?’
    • ‘Negativland's splicing together of these texts only makes more noticeable the huge chasm that goes unnoticed daily as the news that reports violent acts daily is interrupted by advertisements for chalupas, Jeeps, Luvs, and Viagra.’
    • ‘They explained to Lakount that they didn't have any chalupas made.’
    • ‘They weren't giving away free chalupas, but reaching 100 points was very important to the Miami Heat last night.’
    • ‘Sitting there staring at my now cold chalupa I quickly realized the situation was dire.’
    • ‘Women, much like men, judge everything on first appearances, so it's important to look attractive and remove all the Taco Bell chalupa wrappers from your beard.’
    • ‘Although the kind of prison these cons are describing in bone-chilling vignettes is, of the kind you only fantasize if you really have issues or if gone to bed after a particularly spicy chalupa.’
    • ‘The chalupa is a brand, as is Taco Bell, and of course parent company Pepsi is a brand, owned by Tricon International, a lesser-known brand, unless you're looking at global corporate giant brands.’
    • ‘If you've attended an NBA game in the last few weeks, you might have noticed the odds of winning a free chalupa - usually requiring your team to hit 100 points - are going up.’
    • ‘‘We wanted to introduce a performance Lexus that the younger crowd could afford without resigning themselves to eating 99-cent chalupas at Taco Bell every day,’ says Bergsteinsson.’
    • ‘The only item different with the Dallas scenario is that rather than caviar, owner Mark Cuban is trying to look chic with chalupas.’
    • ‘Don't go into the trailer parks and interview Bubba Joe Bob Frank who will describe it as a giant flaming chalupa.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, she gives her baby on board just the kind of wholesome nutrition he or she needs with a vitamin-packed chalupa while she tucks into a burrito to put a little meat on her bones.’
    • ‘‘If you are going to have the same chalupa in the Dominican Republic as in Jacksonville, the meat is going to come from the United States,’ he says.’
    • ‘Digging her fork into her chalupa, she scooped out the meat and cheese, setting it down in her applesauce.’
    • ‘Would you be willing to pay a fourth of a penny more for your chalupa if it meant that farm workers could earn a living wage?’
    • ‘Customers sloshed through inch-deep water at the door and across a sodden rug to wait at least 45 minutes for burritos and chalupas.’
    • ‘Well, I'm sure all of the future Neo-Nazi musicians are plotting the upcoming race war from their parents' basement and growing large on chalupas made by Indian workers.’
    • ‘A chalupa is a hard corn shell appropriately shaped like a trough, into which ground beef bits are placed and then asphyxiated in a thick layer of melted Monterey Jack cheese.’
    1. 1.1 (in Spain and Latin America) a small light boat or canoe.
      • ‘One of the small craft, an eight-metre whaling chalupa was found pinned beneath the collapsed starboard side of a 200-tonelada whaling vessel.’
      • ‘The boat turned out to be a chalupa from the 1500s, built and used by Basque whalers.’
      • ‘The chalupa slowed as it slid through the shallows, gliding the last few feet with silent grace until her keel scraped the sand.’
      • ‘He helped me get the bags into the chalupa.’
      • ‘Every chalupa has a name’


Late 19th century: Spanish, ultimately related to Dutch sloep ‘sloop’.