Definition of challenger in English:



  • 1A person who engages in a contest.

    ‘new championship challengers’
    ‘the leading team among the nine challengers’
    • ‘The 101st Tour de France is shaping up as a potential classic with two elite contenders, plus a host of well-prepared challengers.’
    • ‘Annual competitions attract hundreds of challengers vying to grow the best dahlia.’
    • ‘Each episode features teams of challengers competing in the opening round.’
    • ‘Our Irish challengers this year are good if not brilliant horses on what they've shown so far.’
    • ‘By December 2007, twelve challengers had met the entry deadline and were preparing to race.’
    1. 1.1 A person who makes a rival claim to or threatens someone's hold on a position.
      ‘a serious challenger for the title’
      ‘a potential challenger for the party leadership’
      • ‘Since the 1980s, incumbents and challengers alike are continuously campaigning.’
      • ‘His main challenger is a Conservative journalist/TV personality who has a popular following among people who don't like politics or politicians.’
      • ‘He is seen by many as a challenger to Pipe's crown and is already favorite to be champion trainer next season.’
      • ‘He was a believable challenger only on paper, but now there is absolutely nobody who looks valid even there.’
      • ‘These Democratic challengers in Republican areas were able to run as pro-family, pro-gun, and anti-tax candidates.’
      • ‘The party was forced to face three challengers for two seats, but managed to retain their seats and the majority on the Board.’
      • ‘In no short order, he becomes a viable challenger for the heavyweight title.’
      • ‘A world champion shouldn't be allowed to choose his challenger.’
      • ‘We will have to console ourselves with having held his seat against a self-funded millionaire challenger.’
      • ‘The chess-championship challenger storms in, screaming.’
  • 2A person who disputes the truth of or places themselves in opposition to something.

    ‘heroic challengers of authority’
    ‘the bold challenger of campus orthodoxy’
    • ‘He was, and remains, a force—a certified challenger of conventional wisdom.’
    • ‘The challengers say the law is unconstitutional because regulating immigration is a function of the federal government.’
    • ‘They are organizers of demonstrations, strikes, and armed revolutions, and are the champion challengers of oppressors and deviants.’
    • ‘Shareholder groups are increasingly important as challengers of irresponsible corporate governance.’
    • ‘Some would-be challengers of the old order were encouraged by the belief that the United States would not step in.’
    • ‘Even challengers of the bill have mostly agreed it might be a good thing to regulate immoral dressing, but best to leave it to private organizations.’
    • ‘The chapter also indicates that defenders of the status quo tend to misperceive the challenger of the status quo more than vice versa.’
    • ‘She became the first woman recipient of the award and was thoughtfully praised by Switzer, herself a challenger of the sport's norms.’
    • ‘He was the champion of the downtrodden, the challenger of injustice, the idol in the making.’
    • ‘He was in his day a provocative writer, a challenger of received wisdom.’