Definition of chalkie in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A schoolteacher.

    ‘I get three holidays a year, being a chalkie and all’
    • ‘Australia sent scores of highly educated national servicemen - most of them chalkies - to Papua and New Guinea.’
    • ‘But even those destined to become chalkies had to complete a further 10 weeks' training as infantrymen.’
    • ‘The Australian Government is giving so much money to education at present that they can happily get stuck into the chalkies because everyone has had education as an issue.’
    • ‘Full-scale implementation of the Curriculum for Excellence is nigh and condemned chalkies know there is to be no education governor's reprieve.’
    • ‘I have a soft spot for the teaching profession, even the chuntering chalkies of Victoria.’
    • ‘The chalkies' job wasn't all teaching.’
    • ‘The chalkies' experiences changed their lives in ways that would have been impossible to predict.’
    • ‘The chalkies were demanding almost unlimited funds for education.’