Definition of chalkhill blue in English:

chalkhill blue


  • A European blue butterfly of calcareous grassland, of which the male is silvery-blue with blackish markings and the female is brown.

    Lysandra coridon, family Lycaenidae

    • ‘The list of butterflies found here is impressive with Duke of Burgundy and dingy skipper in spring, together with small, common and chalkhill blues.’
    • ‘Vetches, trefoils and other legumes will encourage common and chalkhill blues, plantains will attract some of the fritillaries, and many of the taller growing grasses will bring in some of the browns, for instance.’
    • ‘The site is also home to many species of butterfly such as the silver-spotted skipper and chalkhill blue.’
    • ‘In summer several species of butterfly can be seen including the brown argus and the largest colony of chalkhill blues in Hertfordshire.’
    • ‘Butterflies include Adonis and chalkhill blues, grizzled, silver-spotted and Lulworth skippers and marbled whites.’
    • ‘Butterflies include species such as the small and chalkhill blues, brown argus and the marbled white.’
    • ‘Along with these plants come butterflies such as the common and chalkhill blues, blue and green hairstreak, marbled whites, and the nationally scarce Adonis blue.’
    • ‘Chalk downland has several butterflies found nowhere else, and the chalkhill blue is one of these.’
    • ‘There is also a good variety of butterflies including chalkhill blue, silver-spotted skipper and marbled white.’
    • ‘Cockey Down is best visited in spring and summer, when insects such as the hornet robber-fly, and butterflies such as chalkhill blue, marbled white and dark green fritillary find a home among the stunning tapestry of wildflowers.’