Definition of chalkboard in English:



North American
  • another term for blackboard
    • ‘‘There will be lines of tables, chalkboards advertising the specials and we're going to clean up the wood floor and make it really appealing,’ he said.’
    • ‘I stare straight ahead at the chalkboard where Mrs. Hileman is demonstrating math problems.’
    • ‘In the bar, chalkboards display an ambitious spread of modern dishes, based on locally sourced fresh ingredients.’
    • ‘The next morning, chalkboards and desks reappear right where teachers left them, but for a few brief in-between hours, anything can happen.’
    • ‘Marketing for the latest film, which will be released in the US in April, will include trivia games on chalkboards and words from the film printed inside pastry cases.’
    • ‘Good, everyone please take out your chalkboards.’
    • ‘I was wearing my glasses, just in case there was one of those chalkboards I'd heard so much about.’
    • ‘They are very short of basic supplies including chalkboards, books, toys and desks.’
    • ‘A schoolhouse on the same compound had a chalkboard with instructions on how to make roadside bombs, he said.’
    • ‘Chuck out your chalkboards, start making notes and let the RSC - in one hysterical evening - save you a lifetime of reading!’
    • ‘It is very easy to tell which establishments use illegal decoders, because they advertise their programmes on chalkboards outside, he added.’
    • ‘From there they will conduct their major project work: restoring old chalkboards in public schools throughout the island.’
    • ‘They also are open to using custom framing in unconventional ways - rich framing treatments for bulletin boards, chalkboards and mirrors are also finding their way into many homes.’
    • ‘And when asked to underline the qualitative adjective in a sentence written out on the chalkboard, the star pupil homes in on the adverb.’
    • ‘He made you feel like nails screeching on a chalkboard, to be around him.’
    • ‘Dana looked away from the chalkboard to notice that the movie had started.’
    • ‘Light and chalkboards are perhaps the two most important things for physicists.’
    • ‘The chalk cross was positioned on the chalkboard to help engineers locate the center of the picture.’
    • ‘Are chalkboards going the way of the ditto sheet?’
    • ‘Four lottery-funded films are already on the chalkboards for this year.’