Definition of chalk white in English:

chalk white

(also chalky white)


mass noun
  • A shade of white resembling chalk.

    ‘his fair complexion paled to chalk white’
    as adjective ‘a chalk-white face drained of colour’
    • ‘"In Italy," Auriemma says during a demonstration, while slicing up a few chalky-white samples, "mozzarella is just like bread."’
    • ‘When these chalk-white insects are on the water the trout will keep feeding even on the darkest nights.’
    • ‘I doubt the chalk white will be our final word on colour for the kitchen.’
    • ‘"In a world of different values these might be the monuments," he says, indicating the chalk-white sculptures around him.’
    • ‘Perspiration showed up as tiny chalky-white lines of salt around my neck.’
    • ‘The surrounding land is mostly chalk white, splotched with yellow, rust and grey.’
    • ‘Coral reefs, wildly colored when healthy, can go chalk white when they are sick and dying, usually the result of stress from sustained higher temperatures in the sea or exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.’
    • ‘Amanda thought she detected the smallest trace of a blush in that chalk-white face.’
    • ‘This hill was chalk white, shining across the landscape; much like the whitewashed Great Pyramid in Egypt, built at the same time.’
    • ‘And instead of a lustrous sheen, the pearl's surface was chalky-white, and covered with splits and cracks.’