Definition of chalk and talk in English:

chalk and talk


  • Teaching by traditional methods focusing on the blackboard and presentation by the teacher as opposed to more informal or interactive methods.

    • ‘The presentations were made using a traditional ‘chalk and talk’ method whereby the information was placed on a board and dutifully copied by the students.’
    • ‘The directional ‘chalk and talk ‘relationship between teacher and student - students as audience - here gives way to the model of information technology based self-learning within flexibly designed space.’’
    • ‘Each session starts and finishes with everyone sitting in a circle; and there is no teacher and taught, no guru, nor any ‘chalk and talk’.’
    • ‘‘The key is to make the education process active, joyful and participatory, instead of just chalk and talk by teachers,’ he said.’
    • ‘Their enemy is the big classroom lecture fronted by a distant-minded professor- the ‘sage on the stage’ who commits the sin of ‘chalk and talk,’ as the slogans go.’
    • ‘You must not do ‘chalk and talk’ at the blackboard.’
    • ‘The Merlin Training Facility is a huge leap forward, with many slabs of ‘chalk and talk’ lectures replaced by computer-based lessons using CD-ROMs and powerful simulators.’
    • ‘Even the ‘chalk and talk’ methods of education are being replaced by multimedia demonstrations that make it easier for students to understand and retain complex aspects of the subjects they are studying.’
    • ‘If you read through active learning literature, you can't miss the disdain for those stuck in the ‘chalk and talk’ method of conveying information to undergraduates.’
    • ‘Numerous books and articles have been written to explain a wide range of ways economists can use alternative methods (other than chalk and talk) in various types of undergraduate courses.’