Definition of chalk-stripe in English:



  • attributive (of a garment or material) having a pattern of thin white stripes on a dark background.

    ‘a chalk-stripe suit’
    • ‘The material is a chalk-stripe spun rayon with reversible white dickey.’
    • ‘Apparently he was too impatient to wait for the fashion world and the avalanche of chalk-stripe suits due this fall.’
    • ‘If you are unsure of what is in style, stick to solids and certain stripes, such as pinstripe, chalk-stripe, beaded-stripe and multi-stripe.’
    • ‘If you think you can pull off any look, then I suggest you try on this chalk-stripe driving cap.’
    • ‘And so the man in the chalk-stripe suit has taken himself off.’


chalk stripe
  • A pattern of thin white stripes on a dark background.

    ‘her one good suit, grey with a white chalk stripe’
    • ‘When I meet Seger on a Wednesday morning at Chicago's Green City Market, he's wearing a gray blazer, bespoke black dress slacks with white chalk stripes, and a multihued dress shirt.’
    • ‘The same rules can be advocated for a suit that has chalk stripes.’
    • ‘Also available in 100% wool only are black chalk stripe and navy chalk stripe.’
    • ‘Pin stripes are acceptable, as are muted plaids and chalk stripes.’
    • ‘Khaki, Air Force Blue or Navy Blue, all were replaced with grey or brown chalk stripe, along with blue pork pie hat.’
    • ‘As for colours, Valentino followed next winter's trend for deep anthracite and rich cream with the occasional splash of burgundy leather, sewn in strips down suits like a would-be chalk stripe.’
    • ‘From thin, vertical chalk stripes on men's cut preppy blazers to ethnicy-stripes trimming women's knee socks, stripes shocked the spring runways.’
    • ‘The chalk stripes say ‘lawyer’ and most of the people I deal with wouldn't notice the asymmetric hem, it would be irrelevant to them, as it should be.’
    • ‘A chalk stripe may have the faintest hint of color, such as pink.’
    • ‘Two of them have white chalk stripes painted over their bodies and the main negotiator has a tress of white animal hair on top of his head, which I initially mistook for a flywhisk.’
    • ‘The fabric is a plush milled finish with a luxurious cashmere like feel in charcoal with a blue chalk stripe.’
    • ‘Deftly sewn as the best menswear bespoke attire, a chalk stripe leads in this soft deep chocolate herringbone percale.’
    • ‘Examples of large prints are chalk stripes and coin dots while small patterns are pin/pencil stripes and pin/polka dots.’
    • ‘From almost monochromatic fine pencil and chalk stripes to more boldly scaled regiment and even barber pole varieties, stripes are doing very well, thank you.’
    • ‘There is a difference not only between the classic and chalk stripe, but those of alternating tones, giving a less-conservative image to a fairly serious look.’
    • ‘Your more affordable, classic worsteds are usually made into the timeless designs - pin stripes, chalk stripes, Prince of Wales checks etc.’
    • ‘The lengths will be available in classic design of chalk stripes, elegant stripes and fine herringbones in navy, charcoal and worsted grey.’
    • ‘If the suit has chalk stripes - you know those faint thin stripes, then you can simply just follow the same rules as if the suit were a solid color.’
    • ‘We talked at the reception after the ceremony, but I was growing tired after a very hot day - over 30 centigrade - so did not take note of chalk stripes, tie patterns and all that fashion detail.’
    • ‘Ribbon stripes, pin stripes, chalk stripes and rich color stripes are trusted components of this collection.’