Definition of chalk-stone in English:



  • A chalky deposit of sodium urate formed in the hands and feet of sufferers from severe gout.

    • ‘When one is five-and-twenty, one has not chalk-stones at one's finger-ends that the touch of a handsome girl should be entirely indifferent.’
    • ‘A specific constitutional disease occurring in paroxysms, usually hereditary and in male subjects; characterized by painful inflammation of the smaller joints, esp. that of the great toe, and the deposition of sodium urate in the form of chalk-stones; it often spreads to the larger joints and the internal organs.’
    • ‘He had chalk-stones in his fingers; and these, in good time, I may possibly inherit, but I would much rather have inherited his noble presence.’
    • ‘He has the chalk-stones in his understanding, and from being used to long confinement, cannot bear the slightest jostling or irregularity of motion.’
    • ‘In old cases, the marked deformity and chalk-stones render the disease unmistakable.’