Definition of chalice in English:



  • 1A large cup or goblet.

    • ‘I don't think you would get away with a ‘Jesus Bar’ advertised by a leering Christ holding a chalice of wine.’
    • ‘Golden chalices and great swords and weapons hung everywhere.’
    • ‘The next day he presented the Senate and plebs with a banquet, his pure, stainless, and holy body, the bread of angels, of which man has partaken, and he set chalices filled with wine before them.’
    • ‘Within the Christian tradition it has generally been believed that the Grail was the actual chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper.’
    • ‘Without hesitating, she strode to the pillar supporting the glass chalice and firmly grasped the goblet by the stem.’
    1. 1.1 The wine cup used in the Christian Eucharist.
      • ‘In the 19th century, the temperance and sanitation movements led many Protestants to replace wine and chalice with individual communion cups and grape juice.’
      • ‘The very entrance of the priest, bearing the veiled chalice and paten and preceded by servers, announces that an action of extraordinary importance is about to be re-enacted.’
      • ‘The infiltration of Manichee notions could be detected when Christians at the Eucharist accepted the host but not the chalice.’
      • ‘An updated report on the use of a common communion cup says people may have more to fear from people dipping the bread in the wine than from sipping from the same chalice used by other congregants.’
      • ‘I poured some wine into my little chalice and set it before him, but when I reached farther into the kit I discovered to my horror that I had forgotten the wafers.’


Middle English: via Old French from Latin calix, calic- ‘cup’.