Definition of chainplate in English:



  • A strong link or plate on the hull of a yacht or sailing ship, to which a shroud is secured.

    • ‘By making a hook at each end I could attach the wire to the chainplate and put a pen in the other end.’
    • ‘Here's a view of the aft port lower knee with the new chainplate temporarily clamped to it for some test fitting.’
    • ‘Now, speaking about chainplate width in particular, not enough people seem to realise how important this is.’
    • ‘The jib rack was made from the same brass section as the chainplates, and is also 2.5’ long.’
    • ‘Turnbuckles and chainplates must be angled so that loads are in a direct line with stays and shrouds.’
    • ‘Cracking or distortion on the deck around the chainplate may indicate a misalignment problem and or a deck leak.’
    • ‘They should be large enough to project from the sides of the chainplate by a good 12 mm all round.’
    • ‘The chainplates themselves extend as far down the bulkheads as possible, reaching just above the bench level.’
    • ‘Later I saw the same type of scratch on four other chainplates in approximately the same location.’
    • ‘This turnbuckle fastens to the chainplate with a jaw fitting and pin, and is swaged to the wire rope stay.’
    • ‘Paul, from photo 2 it looks like the original chainplates had 6 screws or bolts into the bulk head.’
    • ‘There would be little benefit to adding a chainplate a few inches to the port side of the tiller.’
    • ‘However, three bolts should be more than sufficient, as the old chainplates were secured with only three bolts.’
    • ‘You can buy covers that go over the chainplates on the deck that hide any Sikoflex and help reduce leakage.’
    • ‘Actually, one side and the ends should be packed, then the chainplate slid in and bolted in place.’
    • ‘Sereia's chainplates were fiberglassed right into her hull, which is fine until one of them starts to rust.’
    • ‘The forward chainplate had knifed through the foredeck.’
    • ‘You can see these in the third photo, which shows the profile of the chainplate and backing plate.’
    • ‘I seem to remember someone saying that there's a better material for the chainplates than stainless.’
    • ‘The pin shown to the right is almost certainly smaller than the hole in the chainplate allowing it to tilt.’