Definition of chain store in English:

chain store


  • One of a series of shops owned by one firm and selling the same goods.

    • ‘And that was how I felt this afternoon after buying my clothes from a Japanese chain store, which incidentally has shops in Japan and the UK and nowhere else.’
    • ‘Mitchell believes that local business owners are realizing that when a chain store comes to town, it's not just traditional retailers that get hurt.’
    • ‘It's one thing to pay by cheque or automated debit at the grocery store you visit every week, or at a well-known chain store, banking officials say.’
    • ‘If they go to a major chain store, that store would order from a large distributor, not from you nor from independent black distributors.’
    • ‘Part of that story is how the farmers got kicked out of a shopping center mall when a failing grocery chain store complained the market was cutting into its business.’
    • ‘The bookstore is to be replaced by a chain store that sells everything for walkers.’
    • ‘This is why the ONLY chain store in the town is the Grand Union supermarket and two gas stations.’
    • ‘Some of them bought up marked-down books from the dying indie store in its final days, then took them to the chain store (without removing the price stickers) and tried to return them for a full refund.’
    • ‘The chain store may further cut the price and take a smaller profit to develop more business in that department.’
    • ‘More to the point it can demonstrate how a chain store can expand sales by tapping into other market segments not being met by current product offerings.’
    • ‘Laoma Rice-Flour Noodles Company from Chongqing has set up its first chain store in Shanghai as its spearhead into the metropolitan market.’
    • ‘To prove his point, he travels to a Barnes and Noble bookstore (this is a nationwide chain store in the United States) and finds only a few books that deal with chess history.’
    • ‘Every chain store worth its salt has a presence and shoppers come from miles around every weekend to throng the pedestrianised streets and modern malls.’
    • ‘Money spent in a chain store leaves town on the next electronic transfer, while money spent in a local store circulates in the community seven more times before leaving.’
    • ‘The only two stores were a mall chain store and the local head shop.’
    • ‘It was reported in the Legal Daily early this year that a company selling construction materials in Beijing wanted to open a chain store somewhere in Northwest China.’
    • ‘It's the name of a French chain store that sells high-quality frozen foods.’
    • ‘The chain store kept setting up store after store nationwide, but did not turn a profit for years.’
    • ‘Yet Generation Y are a smart, motivated group, as discriminating in their college searches as any consumer shopping the aisles of a chain store.’
    • ‘He complained that Game Stores in particular had become hostile to Zambian manufacturers and that even after the local companies fulfilled the various conditions given to them, the chain store still declined to stock their products.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
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chain store