Definition of chain of causation in English:

chain of causation


  • A linked series of events leading from cause to effect, typically in the assessment of liability for damages.

    ‘in order to break the chain of causation the third party act must be independent of the breach of duty’
    • ‘The court did not, however, rule that the investigation into the means by which the deceased came by his death should be limited to the last link in the chain of causation.’
    • ‘However, it will probably be rare for a patient's refusal to consent to care to constitute an intervening event breaking the chain of causation.’
    • ‘Here the issue is whether the subsequent events should be regarded as severing the causal link - the chain of causation - between the conduct and the damage.’
    • ‘Unfortunately it did not enlarge on the circumstances in which self-injection would not have the effect of breaking the chain of causation.’
    • ‘Nor, in my judgment, can it be seriously argued that the negligence of the Respondents breaks the chain of causation.’