Definition of chain gun in English:

chain gun


  • A machine gun that uses a motor-driven chain to power all moving parts.

    • ‘Suddenly the rapid fire of a chain gun stops the battle in its tracks.’
    • ‘The LAV - 25 variant features a turreted M242 25 mm chain gun with M240 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun.’
    • ‘Underneath the cockpit, right under the nose, sat the M - 230 30 mm chain gun, capable of firing 625 rounds per minute, about ten rounds per second.’
    • ‘Three guys popped up from a sandbagged hole and we hit them with the chain gun.’
    • ‘His chain gun rattled and the gunmen on the ground fell silent.’
    • ‘Behind him, Corporal Thad Ryan manned the chain gun firing with reckless abandon at the two ZZ - 22 Condors taking potshots at them from above.’
    • ‘The main armament is a ATK Ammunition Systems (formerly Boeing Ordnance) 25 mm M242 Bushmaster chain gun.’
    • ‘The Mk 46 is a dual-axis stabilised chain gun with a firing rate of up to 250 rounds/min.’
    • ‘And the .30-millimeter chain gun is extremely effective.’
    • ‘He carried a Vulcan.50 cal chain gun, the ammo belt fed back into his backpack, where about a thousand rounds were situated.’
    • ‘Edge looked darkly around and put his hand on his chain gun he was carrying.’
    • ‘The new helicopter's features systems allow pilots to read a licence plate seven miles away and bristles with weapons such as a 30 mm chain gun, Hellfire anti-armour missiles and CRV7 rockets.’
    • ‘Also added are three new weapons: the nailgun, the prox launcher and the chain gun, all of which are welcome additions to the action.’
    • ‘The M230E1 30 mm chain gun is the attack aviator's preferred implement for cutting the heart out of an insurgency.’
    • ‘Missiles were out of the question, with the two civvies on the roof - unless worse came to worse - and he doubted that continued strikes with the chain gun would do any good.’
    • ‘‘Over here I repair weapons ranging from the 9mm pistol up to the 25 mm chain gun on the ASLAV,’ he said.’
    • ‘The turret is fitted with a ATK Ammuniton Systems (formerly Boeing Ordnance) M242 chain gun on a stabilised mount which allows the gun to be used while the vehicle is in motion.’
    • ‘A 30 mm automatic Boeing M230 chain gun is located under the fuselage.’
    • ‘Cowering behind an old desk, Kyle held her tight as she trembled with fear, her hands over her ears in a vain attempt to block out the roar of the chain gun shredding the walls.’
    • ‘He pulled on the hilt of the long, black steel, six-barrel, chain gun.’