Definition of chacha in English:



  • Uncle (often used as a respectful form of address to a man around the same age as one's father)

    ‘Ranna's chacha, Iqbal, and other members of the house gathered about him’
    • ‘Now the Babu and the Partner both have reasons to hate Salman chacha; one worships Bono, the other leers at Kylie, and it's kind of galling to know that Rushdie's met both while we haven't met either.’
    • ‘With her was a white-haired and bearded man of an indeterminate age, who everyone called Chatriwala chacha (uncle who makes umbrellas).’
    • ‘Shunted in and out of the team, the fear of being dropped lingering permanently, floated around the team, unsure where he fits in best, being told by everyone and their chacha how to bat; this has shaped him just as much.’
    • ‘From Murshidabad alone, some 400 children accompanied by their chachas leave every year, and not all of them return home again’
    • ‘We, I mean, my father, my chacha and his wife and three daughters, my sister Shabnam Bano and my grandmother were surrounded.’


From Hindi cācā.