Definition of chabazite in English:



mass noun
  • A colourless, pink, or yellow zeolite mineral, typically occurring as rhombohedral crystals.

    • ‘Although levyne has been noted to have crystallized earlier than analcime, calcite, chabazite, and thomsonite, and later than analcime, cowlesite, and chabazite, it is usually the only mineral within the cavity.’
    • ‘For example, natrolite is generally restricted to South Table Mountain, whereas the crystal habits of chabazite and thomsonite are noted to vary between several localities on North Table Mountain.’
    • ‘Epistilbite, mordenite, stellerite, natrolite, scolecite, mesolite, and chabazite are relatively uncommon, and goosecreekite and yugawaralite are extraordinarily rare.’
    • ‘A preliminary review of the local mineralogy was subsequently written by Endlich, who noted the presence of aragonite, chabazite, calcite, mesolite, and natrolite, in addition to ‘leucite.’’
    • ‘The faces on chabazite are typically smooth and lustrous, whereas gmelinite has triangular growths on the crystal faces.’


Early 19th century: from French chabazie, from Greek khabazie, a misreading of khalazie, vocative form of khalazios ‘hailstone’ (from khalaza ‘hail’, because of its form and colour), + -ite.