Definition of chaat in English:



mass noun
  • An Indian dish of boiled vegetables or raw fruit, with spices.

    ‘fruit chaat’
    • ‘The ‘Quick Big Bites’ has chaat, pizzas, burgers, cutlets… The instructions on making dishes are straightforward and methodical.’
    • ‘Who on earth would expect chaat, paratha, paani puri, rasmalai, saag ghosht, paneer or gulab jamun as part of their in flight meal?’
    • ‘For instance, there will be seven food counters featuring a range of delicacies from raagi mudde and puliyogare to chaat and jolada roti.’
    • ‘These extracts are incomplete since our correspondent had already swallowed some sections of the document before he realised that the fruit chaat tasted better than usual.’
    • ‘The favourites seemed to be the mousse, litchis stuffed with mango, mango chaat and the thick mango shakes with a sliver of ice. It is a bumper harvest this year according to the fruit vendors, so go and enjoy the season while it lasts.’
    • ‘So, though I'll still be working my way through the Nouvelle Vague canon, and am likely to go and see Troy, I will, henceforth, sometimes be found munching chaat in front of a three-hour musical epic from Bombay.’
    • ‘I started eating chaat in London in the late 80s back when I was a vegetarian.’
    • ‘The Nawabi cuisine is legendary and millions of foodies have salivated gallons while thinking of the tunde kebabs, nahari-kulchas, biryanis, prakash kulfis, aloo chaat, pani-battasey that the city dishes out.’
    • ‘Rahim Khan, a science graduate came to Mumbai to sell fruit chaat masala in the month of Ramadan.’
    • ‘As she jokes, with the new Singha Pizza opening in Hicksville, there's now every kind of fast food that Indians could want, from dosas to chaat.’
    • ‘We ate good papri chaat and excellent little black hara kebabs made of spinach and green bananas and split peas and a good big tandoori pomfret, but Manpreet was unimpressed by the lifeless paneer pakora and found the chicken drab, too.’
    • ‘And the garnishes can all be traced back to north Indian chaat.’
    • ‘While in town apart from certain official obligations, the lady managed to find time and dig into her favourite food - rasmalai, chaat and golgappas.’
    • ‘He laughs uproariously as he finishes off the last of his papdi chaat.’
    • ‘So for dinner she heads off to Maya Masala for pani puri chaat, onion rawa paneer dosa and a sweet and syrupy Indian dessert.’
    • ‘Paula all but demanded to have some bhel-puri chaat from there.’
    • ‘The evenings see chaat and panipuri push carts catering to the romantic couple among other visitors.’
    • ‘When their mudde arrives, they become a bit of a curiosity, as chances are the others are tucking into their masala doses, chaat, and Chinese.’
    • ‘They introduce you to the exclusive raj kachori, naram garam chaat and anaarkali chaat.’
    • ‘South Indians can't think of their chaat without coconut chatni.’


From Hindi cāṭ.