Main definitions of CFA in English



(also CFA franc)


  • The basic monetary unit of Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, and the Central African Republic, equal to 100 centimes.

    • ‘The staple food manioc, which normally sells for 350 CFA francs per kilogram, has almost doubled and is set to rise further.’
    • ‘Individuals responsible for the death of a woman from FGM can receive between five and twenty years of hard labor, and fines ranging between three and six million CFA francs.’
    • ‘This once-prosperous country has fallen into economic decline since France unilaterally devalued the CFA franc and allowed the International Monetary Fund to dictate economic policy.’
    • ‘Drissa just earned a day's wages - 350 CFA francs, or US $0.59-selling guavas that he himself picked 10 km away from Korhogo.’
    • ‘At the end of every month, I am paid 10,000 CFA francs.’
    • ‘When the rebel spokesman was informed of the attack, he called the depot manager, apologized, and asked if he wanted to be paid in dollars or CFA francs.’
    • ‘Nurses are demanding the government supply them with disposable rubber gloves and face masks and pay a 10 percent risk premium above their monthly salary of 140,000 CFA francs per month.’
    • ‘The Republic of Congo is now a significant oil producer earning a surplus of 136.3 billion CFA francs in 2004 from petroleum sales.’
    • ‘‘To charge the batteries that run our appliances, we have to spend 500 to 1 000 CFA francs to bring them to Ouagadougou,’ he added.’
    • ‘The price paid to the country's 600,000 cocoa farmers will be set at 380 CFA (African Financial Community) francs a kilogramme, a rise of 15 CFA francs on the previous season.’
    • ‘All other rebels and those drafted into the loyalist forces since the outbreak of war will be given 500,000 CFA francs and receive job training for a return to normal life, government officials said.’
    • ‘‘Yesterday we decided that every single person in the village should contribute 500 CFA francs towards buying insecticide powder,’ Gueye, the head of the farmers' association, told IRIN.’
    • ‘Modest initial growth was seriously undermined in 1994 by the 50 percent devaluation of the CFA franc, while privatization led to the retrenchment of 10,000 public workers.’
    • ‘According to a BBC report, a Mauritanian shopkeeper reported to the local mayor that the paramilitary police had stolen 500,000 CFA francs from his shop.’
    • ‘Growers have long complained of being denied access to a reserve fund estimated at more than 300 billion CFA francs.’
    • ‘In this village, we were told that people received a one-time-only payment of between 80,000 and 100,000 CFA francs.’
    • ‘He also noted that diamond sales netted between 200 and 400 million CFA francs (€305 000 euros and €610 000) in taxes each year.’
    • ‘It brings in more than 181 billion CFA francs a year, and this is particularly for industrial fishing.’
    • ‘The strike action is already causing the industry a loss of 360 million CFA francs per day, having brought three palm oil factories to a halt.’


CFA from French Communauté Financière Africaine ‘African Financial Community’.

Main definitions of CFA in English




  • Chartered financial analyst.