Definition of ceviche in English:


(also seviche)


mass noun
  • A South American dish of marinaded raw fish or seafood.

    ‘a dinner that begins with ceviche and ends with fruit’
    count noun ‘a sensational ceviche with tomato and coriander’
    • ‘The first course is a Mexican Baja lobster ceviche made with Patron 100 percent agave tequila, lobster, yellow grapefruit and tomatillos served with a Dos Equis or Negro Modelo beer.’
    • ‘Just as many chefs use tequila in marinades, to cure fish or in ceviches, bar chefs should follow their lead and develop cocktails with complementary flavors to go along with the dish.’
    • ‘I liked the simple red-snapper seviche and a kind of yellowtail carpaccio splashed with jalapeño peppers and ginger.’
    • ‘Coconut and dill, seemingly an odd couple, make a great match in a tuna caribeña ceviche.’
    • ‘The tuna tartare is tart yet tame, easily eclipsed by the mixed-seafood seviche sparked with pickled jalapeño or the yellowtail sliced like carpaccio and brushed with just lemon, sea salt, and basil.’
    • ‘There are four items that are ‘of the day’: ceviche, escovitch (a Jamaican whole fish in a tart, spicy sauce), bouillabaisse, and soup.’
    • ‘The same goes for scallop seviche with sea beans and coriander, a rich terrine of foie gras with ginger-infused plums, and shredded suckling pig atop substantial gnocchi in a pea purée.’
    • ‘We chose the fried calamari and an order of cabo, an eggplant dish, from an interesting list that included bruschetta, quesadillas, ceviche and steamed mussels.’
    • ‘Choices run the range from racy menudo to lime-washed shrimp ceviche; make room for terrific soft corn-tortilla tacos al carbon sandwiching tasty and tender meats.’
    • ‘Then wild bass ceviche with a big punch of lime juice and chilli for me, and lobster, potatoes, vine tomatoes and green beans for my friend.’
    • ‘Octopus and squid ceviche, salt cod croquettes and pot-roast belly pork and cheeks were all good enough to go back for.’
    • ‘It needs time to marinate, like ceviche or kimchee or sauerbraten.’
    • ‘As the dining public tries out new types of cuisine, whether it is Brazilian churrasco or Peruvian ceviche, they're likely to forego the usual Martini and inquire about traditional South American beverages.’
    • ‘This accounts for items such as flaked white fish done like a ceviche in a bruising mix of chilli, coriander and far too much lemon juice.’
    • ‘Both go well with the oysters from the Northwest and Gulf of Mexico, ceviche, red trout and shrimp on the menu.’
    • ‘On the regular menu, De Marco's inclusion of spunky mackerel in his ceviche raises it above the too-genial norm.’
    • ‘I had the seafood ceviche with rice & beans on the side and a prickly pear margarita.’
    • ‘Chef Scott likes to add a plantain peel and the flesh of a whole avocado to the ceviche while the fish marinates, to soften the impact of so much lime juice on the palate.’
    • ‘At another - possibly on the same night - it might be minuscule portions of conch ceviche on a bed of lime and chilli, drenched in aged balsamic and served in a trumpet fashioned from the re-frozen meltwaters of Arctic glaciers.’
    • ‘The menu here is diverse and includes albacore ceviche, crispy pizza with chorizo sausage, and Muscovy duck confit with white beans.’


South American Spanish.