Definition of cestui que trust in English:

cestui que trust


  • The beneficiary of a trust.

    • ‘A trustee who is in possession of property which he admits to be trust property cannot plead the laches of the cestui que trust in a suit to enforce the trust in respect of that property.’
    • ‘A fiduciary may also owe tortious and contractual duties to the cestui que trust: but that does not mean that those duties are fiduciary duties.’
    • ‘And he will be held so to have conducted himself if by his words or conduct he has induced the cestui que trust to act to his own detriment in the reasonable belief that by so acting he was acquiring a beneficial interest in the land.’
    • ‘The trustee may deal with the trust property for the benefit of the cestui que trust as his or her interest may require, but for himself and for his own benefit he may deal with it not at all.’
    • ‘The cestui que trust has a charge on the mixed fund or the property into which it has passed for the amount of the trust moneys.’
    heir, heiress, inheritor, legatee
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Mid 16th century: from Law French, short for cestui a que use le trust est créé, ‘the person for whose benefit anything is given in trust to another’.


cestui que trust

/ˌsɛtiː kiː ˈtrʌst/