Definition of cervine in English:



  • Relating to deer; deerlike.

    • ‘Botanical humans are at war with a cervine insurgency that has greater defoliation power than a squadron-load of Agent Orange.’
    • ‘So the slow-growing muscle has a chance to develop the subtle grains of fat - the ‘marbling’ so prized in the best beef - that most of its cervine relatives are lacking.’
    • ‘These results are discussed in relation to the role of cervine mononuclear phagocytes in regulating and participating in inflammatory and immune processes relevant to bacterial challenge.’
    • ‘When multiple premises are held under the control of one ownership, the inspection fee shall be based on the accumulated total of all domesticated cervine animals on all premises.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin cervinus, from cervus ‘deer’, + -ine.