Definition of certify in English:


verbcertifying, certifies, certified

[with object]
  • 1Attest or confirm in a formal statement.

    ‘the profits for the year had been certified by the auditors’
    with clause ‘the Law Society will certify that the sum charged is fair and reasonable’
    • ‘He certifies the statements made above are correct and complete.’
    • ‘He refused to sign papers certifying that he understood the charges against him, on the grounds that his attorney was not present.’
    • ‘The Florida Supreme Court's decision Tuesday to compel state officials to accept and certify the hand recounts of the presidential vote in several south Florida counties was solidly rooted in both law and democratic tradition.’
    • ‘I certify that I have read this dissertation and that, in my opinion, it is fully adequate in scope and quality as a dissertation for the degree of Doctor.’
    • ‘He was taken to York District Hospital where he was certified dead and subsequent examination revealed a number of injuries, some old and some new.’
    • ‘He was certified dead at Fairfield General Hospital.’
    • ‘Microsoft and Doubleclick will beta test the program, a digitally signed stamp which certifies the email is genuine.’
    • ‘The company has also been certified by the Port Authority that its vessels are safe.’
    • ‘I further certify that the establishment making this application carries workers' compensation insurance and disability insurance as required.’
    • ‘The teenager was certified dead at the scene, where there have been numerous serious accidents in recent years.’
    • ‘Prescribed certificates are set out for doctors to sign, certifying their opinion that grounds for lawfully terminating the pregnancy exist.’
    • ‘Europe declared polio free: The World Health Organization last week certified its European region as free of poliomyelitis.’
    • ‘He was rushed to York District Hospital where he was certified dead.’
    • ‘We certify that we have presented or will present the aforementioned items and relevant tax forms to the audit committee.’
    • ‘Paramedics tried to revive him but he was certified dead at 12.30 am on November 3.’
    • ‘Police said the 24 year old from Kirby, who was riding as a passenger on the bike, was certified dead at the scene.’
    • ‘Further funding from the GEF and the World Bank has been made conditional on the meeting of the parties certifying that compliance by these states is satisfactory.’
    • ‘Amy - an only child - was certified dead at the scene last Thursday night.’
    • ‘The man, who has not been named, was certified dead at the scene.’
    • ‘The man, in his early 20s, was certified dead at the scene.’
    verify, guarantee, attest, validate, ratify, warrant, confirm, corroborate, substantiate, endorse, vouch for, testify to, provide evidence of, authenticate, document
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    1. 1.1 Officially recognize as possessing certain qualifications or meeting certain standards.
      ‘she was certified as a personal trainer’
      ‘scenes of violence had to be cut before the film could be certified’
      • ‘Small firms cannot spend $10 000 or more to comply and be certified with the international standards.’
      • ‘So I was involved in the discussion about what the standards should be for certifying bilingual teachers.’
      • ‘I was board certified in general surgery in 1991, and in plastic surgery in 1993.’
      • ‘Of course, the captain and some of the crew must be certified scuba instructors or divemasters, as well.’
      • ‘The intent is to create a more efficient and effective maintenance process by repairing components to a national standard and certifying the sources of repair.’
      • ‘A Board certified radiologist specializing in mammograms told me this over dinner.’
      • ‘He is board certified in sleep disorders medicine and family practice.’
      • ‘To do the review we wanted pathologists who were board certified and had extensive clinical experience, and we wanted to limit the number of reviewers to only a few.’
      • ‘The plant was certified with the standard after an auditor with Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance subjected its safety system to a rigorous review.’
      • ‘The ECDL is a computer qualification that certifies the holder's competencies in seven computer disciplines.’
      • ‘When a product is sold under a certain brand it certifies certain standards and quality.’
      • ‘Dr. Lipton is a Board certified psychiatrist, with a special interest in love, loss, and illness.’
      • ‘Sweeny, a board certified anesthesiologist, has been in practice for 20 years.’
      • ‘In this regard, it is always a good idea to have your antiques certified by a recognised appraiser.’
      • ‘The report added that the government's tough measures in checking standards of food and certifying the products will lead to a continued increase in food exports next year.’
      • ‘Vendors have been building both cable modems and CMTSs that conform to the 1.1 spec, and qualifying or certifying them as 1.0 compliant.’
      • ‘Choke holds should be taught only by qualified and certified instructors.’
      • ‘We take specific actions to train, license, qualify, and certify pilots and weapon systems users - we must consider no less of a standard for the operation, security, and integrity of the GIG.’
      • ‘A good place to start is with a lawyer who is board certified in consumer law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.’
      • ‘The ECDL is a computer qualification that is recognised throughout Europe and certifies the holders computer skills.’
      accredit, recognize, license, authorize, approve, warrant
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    2. 1.2 Officially declare insane.
      • ‘Only four of the eighteen are, or have been, certified insane.’
      • ‘With the exception of those who can be certified insane, these homeless people cannot be detained anywhere against their will.’
      • ‘My husband and I have been happily married for 27 years and are known to be certified insane.’


Middle English: from Old French certifier, from late Latin certificare, from Latin certus ‘certain’.