Definition of certified cheque in English:

certified cheque


  • A cheque which is guaranteed by a bank.

    • ‘He knew what was a fair price for the harp, refused to be beaten down, and insisted that Harriet be given a certified cheque before they were allowed to take the instrument away.’
    • ‘The company wouldn't even accept a certified cheque.’
    • ‘The company transferred those funds to its account held with the Bank of Montreal and issued a certified cheque from that account to pay its employees.’
    • ‘Then one day it happened: manna from heaven, or rather a certified cheque in the amount of $100,000 and, according to the Douglas student I spoke with, the money came from the CFS.’
    • ‘She sent him a certified cheque, but then was informed she could have the domain names back only if she kept the settlement confidential.’
    • ‘Anybody with the appropriate certified cheques can bid on and buy properties, which often go for anywhere from $500 to $180,000.’
    • ‘Smitten by Annie, Daddy Warbucks offers a certified cheque of $50,000 to anyone who can prove they are her parents.’
    • ‘Pay by certified cheque or money order, not cash.’


certified cheque