Definition of certifiably in English:



  • See certifiable

    • ‘I know this only because everyone who has ever lived there will be sure to tell you about it, about how there are maybe three or four certifiably hot days in the city and those will most likely happen in the winter.’
    • ‘Despite half-cheering the initiative of the bad guys during the era of certifiably insane Prohibition, I still enjoyed seeing Capone and his loathsome flatterers justly brought undone in the end.’
    • ‘And even if you spend more on a certifiably ethical product, could you be accused of being morally abusive to your dependants or charities that would otherwise have received the extra money you blew on being morally superior?’
    • ‘Astonishingly, one has to be certifiably sane to be a true psychopath.’
    • ‘In my case I had a step-father trying to take my daughter from me by declaring that I was mad - not really technically, certifiably mad - just mad for leaving wonderful him.’