Definition of certifiable in English:



  • 1Able or needing to be officially recorded.

    ‘encephalitis was a certifiable condition’
    • ‘Play at ‘the birthplace of golf’ is limited to those with certifiable handicaps of 24 or lower (36 or lower for women).’
    • ‘This is sophistry, mostly: a voluntary code hardly promises certifiable quality; and the FDA takes its guidelines for water from the EPA and enforces them less stringently.’
    • ‘Two brief Ohio related conversations I had with Fred, who is a certifiable Toledo resident.’
    • ‘However, other characteristics certifiable with traceability are even more valued than traceability alone.’
    • ‘If you can't document this, or if the potting soil does contain prohibited materials, the production from non-organic transplants for annual crops will NOT be certifiable.’
    • ‘In fact, the number of babies who actually die of cot death has fallen dramatically since it was first accepted as a certifiable cause of death in 1971.’
    • ‘But to market their product using the term ‘organic, ‘they must be certifiable.’’
    • ‘They get mainly former military personnel, many of them retired, some of them who have just done one or two stints but who have certifiable skills in everything from being an infantryman to being a chopper pilot.’
    • ‘Press the button and, thanks to the on-board computer simply changing its settings, what had seemed an entirely adequate 400 bhp instantly becomes a certified and certifiable 507 bhp.’
    • ‘Our understanding of these developments, however, has been hampered by the lack of certifiable imperially sponsored Buddhist images of the Taihe period, as no dated examples have been identified.’
    • ‘Sometimes I have wondered how professors of literature can devote their entire professional careers to explicating the works of others, even when those others are certifiable geniuses.’
    • ‘Moving ahead to the Skycar project had only increased the pressure to raise money, because of the vehicle's added complexity and the need to make it a practical, certifiable aircraft.’
  • 2Officially recognized as needing treatment for mental disorder.

    ‘it is possible that he will have to return to hospital, but at the moment he is not certifiable’
    • ‘Nash is a certifiable genius and a certifiable paranoid schizophrenic who we watch go through shock treatments and delusions galore.’
    • ‘Is it appropriate for real people - some certifiable - to be humiliated for our collective amusement?’
    • ‘If someone doesn't have a mental illness, if they're not certifiable, I suppose, under the Act, then there are very few avenues where they can go for treatment.’
    • ‘Jack Straw, when home secretary, notoriously complained that he couldn't force people with BPS into mental hospitals, dangerous though they may be, because they are not mad, can't be treated and are therefore not certifiable.’
    1. 2.1informal Mad; crazy.
      ‘the world of fashion is almost entirely insane, the people who work in it mainly certifiable’
      • ‘In her best novels, psychopaths collide with normal folk and as they rub along together, a murder here, a suicide there, the normal folk are soon revealed as certifiable.’
      • ‘‘I think the man is certifiable,’ Joe spat, ‘Talking about demons and that Kyle and Greg were Chosen to go on some Quest.’’
      • ‘Sent to Australia for every crime you'd care to mention, Billie Gould is given the task by the prison surgeon, one of the many certifiable characters in the novel, to paint exotic fish for the Royal Academy back home in London.’
      • ‘Which I suppose could cause some people to think I am certifiable, which, honestly, I probably am, but I think the insanity gives my personality the edge it needs.’
      • ‘We get a glimpse of the horror and desperation of psychiatric illness, but for the most part the film is about girl-bonding and mild rebellion, like a slumber party for the certifiable.’
      • ‘Or think about ninety percent of all the literary protagonists we find most memorable - Ahab, Heathcliff, Stavrogin, even all the way back to Don Quixote - every one of them is certifiable.’
      • ‘You're a certifiable head case and belong in a padded cell.’
      • ‘Anyone who has done seven is certifiable - you don't need to put me on an analyst's couch.’
      • ‘If repetition was the definition of insanity, millions would be certifiable each and every New Year.’
      • ‘Well, in the past couple of days I've pretty much convinced myself I'm certifiable.’
      • ‘Believing in demons is one thing; believing you have the ability to call up a supernatural being with infinite power and perfection who will cause demons to move on at your behest seems certifiable.’
      • ‘If insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, the Democrats are certifiable.’
      • ‘Of course, Luhning readily admits to being drawn to those dark characters - he almost cast himself as the sociopathic lead in Ground Zero's Killer Joe last season, until he realized that people might start to believe he was certifiable.’