Definition of certain in English:



  • 1Able to be firmly relied on to happen or be the case.

    ‘it's certain that more changes are in the offing’
    ‘she looks certain to win an Oscar’
    • ‘If Asda does push ahead with the new format, it is certain to test the concept first.’
    • ‘One thing is certain though, the trust will no longer have my support in any form.’
    • ‘It acts as a certain guarantee for the freedoms a writer needs, such as the air to breathe.’
    • ‘The chase is over almost before it has begun and Freya's grip is sure and certain.’
    • ‘It will be hard, and it may not ensure victory, but any other way is certain defeat.’
    • ‘There's no more sure and certain indication that you're not in control than this.’
    • ‘The effort was no more than the home side deserved at that stage and it seemed certain that they would go on to win.’
    • ‘No credible alternative will brave the embarrassment of certain heavy defeat.’
    • ‘First, we must recognise that faith to appropriate God's abundance is certain to be tested.’
    • ‘It was wryly noted that the heavens had delivered the Scots from certain defeat.’
    • ‘The only certain thing is that the next record will sound nothing like it.’
    • ‘A vote on this issue was withdrawn last week, as it was certain to be defeated.’
    • ‘His job is not to convince them to vote for him on Tuesday in the first ballot - he is almost certain to win that vote.’
    • ‘Mr Brown was certain to win the seat, the only question was the size of the majority.’
    • ‘On the contrary, its effect was certain to be that more people were injured and killed in accidents.’
    • ‘Kent were all out for 339 and Somerset had rescued a victory from almost certain defeat.’
    • ‘Hope is that certain and unfailing goal that God has set before His children.’
    unquestionable, sure, definite, beyond question, not in question, not in doubt, beyond doubt, unequivocal, indubitable, undeniable, irrefutable, indisputable, incontrovertible, incontestable, obvious, patent, manifest, evident, plain, clear, transparent, palpable, unmistakable, conclusive, recognized, confirmed, accepted, acknowledged, undisputed, undoubted, unquestioned, unchallenged, uncontested
    sure, very likely, bound, destined, predestined, fated, trusted, assured of doing something
    inevitable, assured, destined, predestined, fated
    reliable, dependable, trustworthy, sound, foolproof, tested, tried and tested, effective, efficacious, guaranteed, sure, unfailing, infallible, unerring
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    1. 1.1 Having or showing complete conviction about something.
      ‘are you absolutely certain about this?’
      • ‘Take out a piece of paper and write down the things you are pretty much certain about.’
      • ‘I am sure that after today's antics you are quite certain about what I did all day long.’
      • ‘I woke up this morning so bloody sure of everything and now am slightly less certain.’
      • ‘Widdecombe does, though, concede that it is hard to be certain about what never happened.’
      • ‘If you aren't sure about total numbers you can still send us a booking for those you are certain about.’
      • ‘Surely that would be as big a torment to the families of his victims as the certain knowledge that they will never know.’
      • ‘Of course nobody can be certain about future developments and how the trade union leaders will act.’
      • ‘That is a fact that we can be certain about without having to be a marlin to know it.’
      • ‘I am not certain about that, your Honour, but my belief is that it did not go on appeal.’
      • ‘Whatever the future holds, the one thing he can be certain about is how much he will miss Blackburn Rovers.’
      • ‘If you can't be certain about that then how can you be certain about anything?’
      • ‘OK, that was a bit strong, and I am actually much less certain about the issue than that.’
      • ‘As with the gospel as a whole, it is impossible to be certain about earlier stages of composition.’
      • ‘What I miss is the certain knowledge that if only she would quit, the world would be a better place.’
      • ‘It is a very old poem from 1994 and not even I am certain about the origin of much of it.’
      • ‘Ella Lockett from Bassett Green admitted she wasn't certain about joining the group.’
      • ‘If one thing is certain about the war in Iraq, it is that lawyers are making a packet.’
      • ‘He is just as certain about this as he is about wanting to reach his sporting potential as an adult, not as a teenager.’
      • ‘I am not certain about this particular rendition will taste, only time will tell.’
      • ‘Ad folk need to be certain about who and how many people they are reaching.’
      sure, confident, positive, convinced, in no doubt, unshaken in one's belief, secure in one's belief, easy in one's mind, satisfied, assured, persuaded
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  • 2attributive Specific but not explicitly named or stated.

    ‘he raised certain personal problems with me’
    ‘the exercise was causing him a certain amount of pain’
    • ‘The Employer's pleading relied on certain express and implied terms of the contract.’
    • ‘In certain conditions he is able to see the fate of those who have disappeared.’
    • ‘If you want a certain party to win, it is better that you persuade many others to vote for them than vote yourself.’
    • ‘Yet, they keep winning, whilst certain pretenders have experienced a few slips.’
    • ‘Many anglers did not renew in April because they weren't able to fish in certain areas.’
    • ‘Foreigners know that you need experience in your field to able to have a certain job.’
    • ‘I think when you play a character you have to be able to relate to certain aspects.’
    • ‘For every advanced feature added, I increasingly expect to be able to do certain things.’
    • ‘If we had stuck a few more phases on certain moves the win would have been more comfortable.’
    • ‘As a male I have never been able to understand why a certain variety of my own sex cannot take defeat by a woman.’
    • ‘Tricks have no value in themselves; the object is to win tricks with certain cards in them.’
    • ‘He also relied upon certain paragraphs in the Guidance issued by the Secretary of State.’
    • ‘They knew that a just society relies on a certain level of order and cohesiveness.’
    • ‘Those who do not have a problem will be able to pick out certain numbers or shapes from within the dot patterns.’
    • ‘I'm not trying to sound like a saint, but we take for granted that we are healthy and able to live a certain way.’
    • ‘If you do this out of necessity rather than choice you may be able to claim certain running costs.’
    • ‘Depending on the status of the field only certain units may be able to operate from the area.’
    • ‘Since he won Pop Idol, certain areas of the media have sought to blame Young for all the world's ills.’
    • ‘Life is not just about living and dying and as such we all should be able to enjoy a certain quality of life.’
    • ‘In this connection the Bank relies on certain observations of Lord Steyn in Williams v.’
    determined, definite, fixed, established, precise, defined, exact, explicit, express
    particular, specific, individual, special, especial
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    1. 2.1 Used when mentioning the name of someone not known to the reader or hearer.
      ‘a certain General Percy captured the town’
      • ‘When a certain Mr. Po assisted with military affairs on the northern frontier, he obtained a well-bred horse to give to me.’
      • ‘I saw a certain Mr. Drewett walking in the direction of Wall-street, and had the charity to tell him you would be at home in ten minutes.’
      • ‘And this was a plagiarism from a certain Mr. "Toe" King, so called from this invention!’


certain of
  • Some but not all.

    ‘certain of his works have been edited’
    • ‘The significant element of the film comes in the comments of certain of the documentary film-makers.’
    • ‘I will attempt to suggest certain of the most crucial themes of that debate.’
    • ‘In certain of the cases above, a necessary division of labor may occur within the task.’
    • ‘EU citizens from other countries can vote in certain of our elections.’
    • ‘My sense of humour used to be so dry that it was sometimes impossible to know how to take certain of my comments.’


  • for certain

    • Without any doubt.

      ‘I don't know for certain’
      • ‘No one can say for certain whether or not there are further rate rises on the way.’
      • ‘It is too early to say for certain whether we are on the verge of a major breakthrough.’
      • ‘In bright sunlight, with cameras all around the ground, no one could say for certain what had happened.’
      • ‘If anything is known for certain, it is only that the deal was virtually inevitable.’
      • ‘We will not know for certain till 2001 when figures on cattle with BSE are collected.’
      • ‘One thing is for certain - if this lady blows her top, many will not be happy about it.’
      • ‘It's impossible to say for certain whether this girl survived because of her treatment or in spite of it.’
      • ‘I can't find any trace of this, so can't for certain say whether it is or isn't true.’
      • ‘We do not know for certain whether heading the ball in soccer may result in chronic cognitive impairment.’
      • ‘One cannot say for certain whether it would reach the proportion which it had in the past decade.’
      certainly, for certain, for sure, to be sure, definitely, undoubtedly, without doubt, doubtless, beyond any shadow of a doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt, indubitably, unquestionably, incontestably, irrefutably, incontrovertibly, undeniably, without fail, inevitably, unavoidably
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  • make certain

    • 1with clauseTake action to ensure that something happens.

      ‘make certain Lewis knows all the facts’
      ‘I made certain that our paths would never cross again’
      • ‘I told the person caring for him to make certain that coin went with him to his room.’
      • ‘For tenants this is a new situation and great care must be taken to make certain that every factor is properly dealt with.’
      • ‘If you do pull weeds, the only way to ensure the plant won't come back is to make certain the entire root system is removed.’
      • ‘And we have to make certain that we're properly taken care of from a defense perspective.’
      • ‘The duty on the company in this case was to ensure, ie to make certain, that persons are not exposed to risk.’
      • ‘General Powell had learned his lesson from the Panama invasion and ensured not only media access but made certain the right kind of spokesman stood before the camera lens before the American audience.’
      • ‘If you make up your mind to live from writing, it is prudent to make certain that your work is good, he added.’
      • ‘As the manufacturer of one of the most popular vehicles out in today's roads and highways, the Ford Motor Company has made certain that they would ensure quality, safe, and reliable vehicles.’
      • ‘At the beginning of class, the teachers made certain everyone had instructional materials and supplies as they ensured no one was left out.’
      • ‘This is all about ensuring, making certain that every legal vote counts.’
      make sure, ensure, see to it
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      1. 1.1Establish whether something is definitely the case.
        ‘he probably knew her, but it didn't do any harm to make certain’
        • ‘He waited until all his children had grown up and left home before running for Council, and, even then, made certain his family was supportive of his foray into municipal politics.’
        • ‘It entails, for instance, making certain that a nearby aquifer can adequately support the local population's long-term water needs before tapping the source and constructing a water system.’
        • ‘He also examined her to make certain she could bear the child without suffering undo strain.’
        • ‘The only useful use of Galileo is to make certain whether or not the football crossed the goal line!’
        make sure, ensure, see to it
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  • of a certain age

    • No longer young (used politely or euphemistically)

      ‘women of a certain age swooned over his acerbic wit’
      ‘men of a certain age who still dream that they might have been a great football player in their youth’
      • ‘Being of a certain age and background, I was wont to sport the occasional safety pin back in my teens.’
      • ‘The enterprise will bring back memories to people of a certain age who remember a coffee bar in the shop next door when rock'n'roll was young.’
      • ‘Women of a certain age and economic status are no longer willing to settle and simper.’
      • ‘"I have some very lovely letters from gentlemen of a certain age," she says.’
      • ‘It was full of ladies of a certain age in flowery swimming caps.’
      • ‘You have to be of a certain age even to know who that is.’


Middle English: from Old French, based on Latin certus ‘settled, sure’.