Definition of ceroc in English:



mass noun
  • A type of modern social dance having elements of rock and roll, jive, and salsa.

    • ‘Having experimented with other styles including ceroc and salsa, Edwards believes old-fashioned wartime dances are more gentle and less intimidating for beginners.’
    • ‘Performances will include swing, ceroc, salsa, rueda, rock ‘n’ roll, Latin American, hip hop and samba girls.’
    • ‘I then had my arm twisted up behind my back to demonstrate ceroc with Claire in the hall.’
    • ‘I think we should do a mesh - like start with part of a flamenco dance then merge through a salsa into some ceroc - something REALLY fast.’


1990s: invented word, apparently coined in English from French ce (as in c'est ‘this is’) + roc ‘rock’.