Definition of cerebration in English:



mass nounformal, technical
  • The working of the brain; thinking.

    • ‘What the devil do they think ‘reality’ is if not the product of cerebration?’
    • ‘At the risk of provoking another bout of intense cerebration, I would say: beware of overthinking it.’
    • ‘I think sometimes the stereotype of the theologian as all cerebration and no affectivity is accurate-not always by any means, thank God, but sometimes it is true.’
    • ‘Science and theology will not get us to that point, cerebration is not enough.’
    • ‘I'm happy that you heeded my comments, but they're only the results of lots of experience and some basic common sense, not deep cerebration.’
    thinking, line of thought, train of thought, thought, thought process, logic, reason, rationality, analysis, interpretation, explanation, deduction, rationalization, argumentation
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