Definition of cere in English:



  • A waxy fleshy covering at the base of the upper beak in some birds.

    • ‘For both species, body size traits (in mm) included mean tarsus length, mean flattened wing chord, tail length, and culmen length (base of cere to tip of beak).’
    • ‘Falconids are medium-sized to large birds of prey (wingspan 55 to more than 125 cm, weight 28 to 2100 g), typically with hooked beaks, large brown eyes and a yellow cere, eyerings and feet.’
    • ‘The falconids resemble the accipitrids in some characteristics, such as a powerful hooked bill, a fleshy cere straddling the bill, heavy bony brow ridges, and a crop (to store freshly eaten food).’
    • ‘They have large dark eyes and yellow to orange legs, cere, and eye-rings.’
    • ‘Exposed skin of the ceres, dewlaps, horns, bills or legs may be brightly colored red or blue.’


Late 15th century: from Latin cera ‘wax’.