Definition of ceratobranchial in English:



  • Each of the paired ventral cartilaginous sections of the branchial arch in fishes.

    • ‘As mentioned above, the coracoid also articulates with terminal ceratobranchial through a coracoid condyle.’
    • ‘Thus, each of the branchial arches, the arches which actually function as respiratory arches in fishes, has an epibranchial and a ceratobranchial.’
    • ‘Lateral expansion occurs through rotation of the curved ceratobranchials I and 2 about their articulations with the hyoid body.’
    • ‘In Amia, as in many actinopterygian fishes, the ceratobranchials do much of the mundane work and heavy lifting.’
    • ‘The inner surface of the right operclc can be observed, and also some branchial arch elements such as the ceratobranchial and hypobranchial.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek keras, kerat- ‘horn’ + branchial (see branchia).