Definition of cephalothorax in English:



  • The fused head and thorax of spiders and other chelicerate arthropods.

    • ‘The head and thorax are fused into a cephalothorax and may be difficult to distinguish.’
    • ‘The cephalothorax of spiders is a sclerotized body part that does not change after the final molt.’
    • ‘Although remains of the cephalothorax, abdomen, and telson are preserved, none of the specimens is articulated.’
    • ‘The body is divided into a front part - the cephalothorax or prosoma, and a rear part, the abdomen or opisthosoma.’
    • ‘The material referred to this taxon consists of one inflated and one crushed mold of the interior of the dorsal carapace and several fragmentary specimens of the cephalothorax.’