Definition of cephalization in English:


(British cephalisation)


mass nounZoology
  • The concentration of sense organs, nervous control, etc., at the anterior end of the body, forming a head and brain, both during evolution and in the course of an embryo's development.

    • ‘In some flatworms, the process of cephalization has included the development in the head region of light-sensitive organs called ocelli.’
    • ‘This, in turn, would have been a factor in the evolution of cephalization.’
    • ‘Apparently, cephalization in the complex body plans of mandibulates (insects and crustaceans) has resulted in complex regulation of both the anterior and posterior expression boundaries in the head.’
    • ‘Scyphozoan polyps and medusae exhibit no cephalization and contain no brain, but in some species, light-sensitive eyespots are located along the bell margin of the medusa.’
    • ‘They also do not have the degree of cephalization seen in the mandibulates.’