Definition of cephalic index in English:

cephalic index


  • A number expressing the ratio of the maximum breadth of a skull to its maximum length.

    • ‘The cephalic index is 0.78, and it therefore belongs to the sub-brachycephalic division.’
    • ‘Fishberg then provides a table of cephalic indexes by gender which shows little significant difference.’
    • ‘The cephalic index varied between 0.75 and 1.06, with 0.91 ± 0.05 average.’
    • ‘The cephalic index of this skull is 85.3 which places it in the Brachycephalic category and is therefore consistent with the theory of the shape of Bronze Age skulls.’
    • ‘Thus the cephalic index of 73.3 would be low even for North Africa; the absolute length is of a normal Mediterranean size, while the vault is low.’