Definition of centred in English:


(US centered)


  • 1Placed or situated in the centre.

    • ‘They had been the first Mobile Suits built and set the standard for future Mobile Suits with two legs, two arms with five-fingered hands, and a head dominated by a centered eyepiece.’
    • ‘It made my entire desktop blink on each ring, with a centered popup showing who was calling and what number they were using.’
    • ‘He had nothing to offer on whether the Selectric balls duplicated the superscripts found on Word, or whether the Selectric balls could produce proportional fonts, kerning, or centered titles.’
    • ‘Its crosshairs moved independently of the image so they ended up cockeyed instead of centered.’
    • ‘There was a darkening of the lighting, about two inches wide and one high, right above the centered name on the display frame.’
    • ‘I've climbed extensively with both offset and centered monopoints, and the difference isn't readily noticeable - both work equally well.’
    • ‘You know which guy I'm talking about - he's the one who looks polished from head to toe, with his designer shoes, stylish tailored suit, and perfectly centered, knotted tie.’
    • ‘Likewise, her famous photograph Migrant Mother, of an Oakie mother with her children, has those same centered eyes, still with a vacant look.’
    • ‘She wants you to have a good centered position, and not to aim for the highest extension.’
    • ‘With the exhibition ‘Rainbow Mandala,’ he combines his signature rainbow imagery and a new motif of circles with centered dots.’
    • ‘And it is literally impossible that on three separate memos, the typist managed to perfectly line up centered text exactly the way Microsoft Word would.’
    • ‘First-level headings are placed alone on a line, either centered or left-justified: Second-level headings are placed alone on a line, left-justified.’
  • 2in combination Having a specified subject as the most important or focal element.

    ‘a child-centred school’
  • 3in combination (of a chocolate) having a centre or filling of a specified type.

    ‘a soft-centred chocolate’
  • 4US (of a person) well balanced and confident or serene.

    ‘she is very together, very domesticated, very centred’
    • ‘You tend to be moody but need to come from a centred and balanced space to deal with finances and business opportunities.’
    • ‘Psychoanalysis disrupts notions of a unitary, centred and rational self by its emphasis on an inner world permeated by desire and fantasy.’
    • ‘It was simple really - we were taught to give healing from a centred state after connecting our heart chakra with the client's heart chakra.’
    • ‘Since you are affected by situations and influenced by people around you, you need to remain centred and aware.’
    • ‘The gently centered Quaker part of me is trying hard to calm the Help!’
    • ‘I suppose his time there was a matter of sorting out the difference between his identity and his mission, of confronting the many demands and voices that were to challenge his centered self.’
    • ‘When he finally chooses it will be because he has found a memory in which he formed part of an assemblage beyond his centred, egoist consciousness.’
    • ‘For anyone who has wished for an elected official that is holistically centered, spiritually led and aware of the interconnectedness of ALL, this man is the answer to our prayers.’
    • ‘The romantic ego is, then, on one level, a performer or faker, a legend in its own lunchtime, without any of the centred self-consciousness of great actors or good writers who have something to say.’
    • ‘So there's a thought - you could use the visualised image as a gateway back into memory or just a gateway into a centred, balanced or evocative mental space.’
    • ‘A happy, centered and positive John Lennon was awesome to behold, and Double Fantasy was the beginning of that process.’
    • ‘The best writing reflects deeply located and centred lives, voices embedded in accent, in history, in place.’
    • ‘I feel centred and strong, and it's a lovely feeling.’
    calm, composed, collected, cool, calm, and collected, as cool as a cucumber, tranquil, peaceful, at peace, pacific, untroubled, relaxed, at ease, poised, self-possessed, unperturbed, imperturbable, undisturbed, unruffled, unworried, unexcitable, placid, equable, even-tempered
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