Definition of centreboard in English:


(US centerboard)


  • A pivoted board that can be lowered through the keel of a sailing boat to reduce sideways movement.

    • ‘As a teenager in 1944, I was the skipper of a 10-foot rowboat with a centerboard and small sail.’
    • ‘They carried a centerboard and were fast and seaworthy.’
    • ‘In about 1968, the flat plate centerboard was replaced with an airfoil-shaped centerboard and the mast height was raised slightly, resulting in approximately 20 square feet more sail area.’
    • ‘These are twin-hulled boats with a centreboard and a rudder on each hull, a two-sail rig and a mainsail.’
    • ‘The keel is a centreboard but not weighted; the ballast is in the hull itself (which sounds inefficient but actually works surprisingly well).’