Definition of centre of excellence in English:

centre of excellence


  • A place where the highest standards are maintained.

    ‘the hospital is a centre of excellence in research and teaching of doctors’
    • ‘The author calls for new approaches for the establishment of collaborative venues and centers of excellence.’
    • ‘They marked something of a golden age for the economics department, which both developed its links to the local community and became a centre of excellence in applied economics.’
    • ‘Despite my college's reputation as a centre of excellence in history, no one had ever read much of this series.’
    • ‘The Barrow-in-Furness yard remains the UK's centre of excellence for submarine building.’
    • ‘He spoke of the chance to establish the city as a centre of excellence for racing and sales.’
    • ‘He directs community-health programs at Boston University Center of Excellence in Women's Health.’
    • ‘He was also aware that new audiences had to be found if the station was to continue as a centre of excellence.’
    • ‘You really want to try to find whether the prospective employer has created a real center of excellence.’
    • ‘Parents are aghast at the prospect of the school shutting—they say it is a centre of excellence for sport, athletics, and drama.’
    • ‘The club was hoping to create a centre of excellence in Bramhope.’