Definition of centre of curvature in English:

centre of curvature


  • The centre of a circle which passes through a curve at a given point and has the same tangent and curvature at that point.

    • ‘The fabrication team measured the optical surface using phase-shifting interferometry and a refractive null corrector near the center of curvature.’
    • ‘However, a precise determination of the location of the center of curvature at any site is not possible using this assay, because of the limited availability of suitable restriction enzyme cut sites.’
    • ‘Since a real antenna is not an ideal point source, its equiphase contours will not be perfectly spherical, and hence the center of curvature may vary with the azimuth and elevation angle of an arriving signal.’
    • ‘The Shack cube interferometer is used to test converging wavefronts at the center of curvature of a reflective surface.’