Definition of centre bit in English:

centre bit


  • A drill bit with a central point and side cutters.

    • ‘A brace with a set of auger bits and a few centre bits and a counter sink are needed for drilling.’
    • ‘Flatten the projection with a pass or two of the gouge, then bore a 25 mm diameter hole using a sawtooth centre bit held in the tailstock of the lathe.’
    • ‘This illustrates the wide variety of sources for cast steel center bits and other edge tools in the mid-19th century.’
    • ‘The bit appears to be a common center bit with a long, necked-down shaft to allow the chips to fall away to the outside of the barrel before the threaded shaft of the spigot reached the barrel.’
    • ‘The center bit must be forced into the wood by the user, whereas the auger tends to draw itself into the wood.’