Definition of central tendency in English:

central tendency


  • The tendency for the values of a random variable to cluster round its mean, mode, or median.

    • ‘The arithmetic mean is useful, but it is not sufficient to describe a population because of the range of values from the central tendency.’
    • ‘McCall and Simmons note that ‘cultures are, not all that simple or homogeneous… the best conceptual models of cultures can only state correctly the central tendencies of ranges of variation.’’
    • ‘The revised projections are then reported as a range, listing the high and low values for each item, and as a central tendency that omits extreme forecasts and is meant to be a better representation of the consensus view.’
    • ‘Medians offer information on the central tendency of responses, and an item with a high median indicates that all panelists gave that item a high rating.’
    • ‘Descriptive analysis was performed on the returned questionnaires with response mode as the measure of central tendencies.’


central tendency