Definition of central heating in English:

central heating


mass noun
  • A system for warming a building by heating water or air in one place and circulating it through pipes and radiators or vents.

    ‘gas-fired central heating’
    • ‘My property is a one bedroom flat with 5 radiators, gas central heating and a gas cooker.’
    • ‘With central heating we do not have air circulation as in the old days.’
    • ‘The first thing is to make sure that, if you have gas-fired central heating, your gas boiler is working smoothly.’
    • ‘We did not put central heating or double glazing in homes we had any intention of demolishing.’
    • ‘Gas-fired central heating and a video intercom system are included in each apartment.’
    • ‘In today's world, electricity turns our nights into days and central heating our winters into spring.’
    • ‘Staff are even encouraged to wear warmer clothes in cold weather to reduce the need for central heating.’
    • ‘Some people don't like having their central heating on and their houses are freezing.’
    • ‘There is a security entry phone system, gas central heating and reserved car parking space.’
    • ‘There is no central heating, one tumble dryer for 17 people and only one source of hot water.’
    • ‘Then gas fires and central heating started to become popular and families replaced their coal fires.’
    • ‘My family had no central heating, one open fire and no double glazing.’
    • ‘I was told this is because I have central heating and the water rates are connected to the general rates.’
    • ‘The house is fitted with gas-fired central heating and double glazed hardwood windows.’
    • ‘They have central heating, hot and cold running water, a fridge and a domestic-size cooker.’
    • ‘The property is also fitted with gas fired central heating and smoke alarms.’
    • ‘The cottage has gas fired central heating, a burglar alarm and draught proof sash windows.’
    • ‘A mother hit boiling point after going more than six weeks without hot water or central heating.’
    • ‘It has been rewired, with double glazing and central heating put in, along with a new kitchen and bathroom.’
    • ‘The house has oil fired central heating and also has electric storage heaters.’


central heating