Definition of centile in English:



  • another term for percentile
    • ‘For individuals who died between 1880 and 1899, the 90th centile was 182 times wealthier than the 10th centile, compared with only 29.7 times wealthier for those dying between 1980 and 2001.’
    • ‘To test the effect of compliance with treatment we replaced the number of sessions attended for one treatment by the 10th centile of its distribution and the other by the 90th centile of its distribution, and vice versa.’
    • ‘The figure shows the regression lines plotted between the 10th and 90th centiles of the self reported general health distribution within each region.’
    • ‘The changes in the females correspond to a shift from the 50th to the 85th centile for waist circumference and the 44th to the 70th centile for body mass index.’
    • ‘Risk of coronary heart disease was especially high for women who crossed from a low centile of weight at birth to a high centile of body mass index in adulthood.’
    • ‘Small for gestational age babies were defined as those whose weight was below the 10th centile of the gestational age sex specific US reference for fetal growth.’
    • ‘The response times were divided by the 90th centile and then multiplied by 8 or 5 as appropriate.’
    • ‘Throughout the study period fewer than 15% of infants weighed above the 85th centile and fewer than 5% above the 95th centile.’
    • ‘Ninety two short normal adolescents who had been below the third centile for height at school entry and 117 controls matched for age and sex completed a bullying questionnaire, derived from work by Whitney and Smith.’
    • ‘Weight - for-stature percentiles tend to be lower than BMI-for-age centiles.’
    • ‘There was an improvement in the overall satisfaction of patients with their visit to the emergency department: satisfaction ratings rose from the 18th centile to above the 95th centile.’
    • ‘In a patient presenting with chest pain a troponin concentration above the 99th centile of normal is now sufficient to diagnose myocardial infarction, irrespective of any electrocardiographic changes.’
    • ‘This corresponds to a shift from the 25th to the 5th centile: a good improvement by any standard.’
    • ‘The box plots show individual units compared in centiles.’
    • ‘We derived proportions at practice level and calculated medians and 10th and 90th centiles as a measure of variation between practices.’
    • ‘Compared with population norms, mean scores were above the 97th centile for conduct problems, above the 90th centile for hyperactivity, and above the 78th centile for emotional problems.’
    • ‘We defined probable anxiety as a score above the 80th centile.’
    • ‘Children with failure to thrive are identified by a fall across two centile channels or a fall below the second centile for at least three months.’
    • ‘We defined obesity as a body mass index equal to or greater than the 95th centile, equivalent to a standard deviation score of 1.64 or more.’
    • ‘His height was on the second centile, below that predicted from parental heights.’