Definition of centennial in English:



North American
  • Relating to a hundredth anniversary.

    ‘centennial celebrations’
    • ‘His explanation that the money saved would be budgeted towards the city's centennial celebration on New Year's didn't wash with angry citizens.’
    • ‘At the same time this date coincided with Wolfe Tone Day, the largest celebration of the 1798 Rising in Ireland during the centennial year.’
    • ‘This year marks the centennial anniversary of the peaceful dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway, so it's highly likely many Norwegians are swigging down many pints of Ringnes now.’
    • ‘A generalization of Morley's theorem would be an appropriate contribution to the coming centennial anniversary of the discovery of this wonderful result.’
    • ‘The property was purchased and reorganized as the Centennial Mining Company in 1876, taking its name from the centennial anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.’
    • ‘In this centennial year of Rotary International, Dublin Fingal Rotary Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary.’
    • ‘This year's commemoration of Sukarno's death coincides with the centennial celebration of his birth anniversary, which took place on June 6.’
    • ‘In time to celebrate the centennial anniversary of human flight, Flight Simulator 2004 is both a tribute to the Wright brother's historic first trip and a follow-up to its predecessor Flight Simulator 2002.’
    • ‘That was back in 1967, that centennial year of stylized maple leaf flags and Montreal's Expo.’
    • ‘During this year's centennial celebration, I'd like to help change that.’
    • ‘Klein announced the final $3 billion on the debt would be paid in full in time for the province's centennial celebrations next year.’
    • ‘The Nobel Literature Prize, first awarded to French author Sully Prudhomme in 1901, is worth US $943,000 in this centennial year.’
    • ‘The mural is expected to be completed by September 15 and will be part of the centennial celebrations of the City of Regina.’
    • ‘These items were created by local artist Sharon Edmonds, as part of the congregation's celebration of its centennial year.’
    • ‘Scripps turns 100 years old on September 26, 2003 and is awarding the prize during its centennial celebration week.’
    • ‘The White Sox and Cubs will meet in the World Series on the centennial anniversary of ‘the greatest tragedy this city has ever known.’’
    • ‘Like the centennial celebration in 1905, the bicentennial has a peculiar ability to conflate understandings of the past with aesthetic and economic valuations of nature.’
    • ‘Its fate - and the names of the four new colors - will be announced on October 11 at Crayola's centennial celebration in Easton.’
    • ‘By 1976, the year ACS celebrated its centennial anniversary, membership in the organization had grown to over 112,000 chemists, chemical engineers, and chemistry students.’


North American
  • A hundredth anniversary.

    ‘the show is a celebration of the museum's centennial’
    • ‘The event this year will mark a centennial: in 1905, the union between Norway and Sweden was dissolved peacefully and Norwegian musicians are going to be very much a part of the music festival this year.’
    • ‘This year marks the centennial of James McNeil Whistler's death, and a number of exhibitions and related events have been organized to commemorate it.’
    • ‘This year is the centennial of Norway's independence from Sweden on June 7, 1905.’
    • ‘The exhibition is being presented in honour of the Academy's 75th anniversary and the centennial of the Hawaii Shingon Mission.’
    • ‘This year is the centennial of the Nobel Prize in Physics shared by Henri Becquerel and the Curies for their pioneering work on radioactivity.’
    • ‘But our centennial is not just a time to reflect upon our past accomplishments.’
    • ‘The centennial and bicentennial of Columbus's legendary voyages passed largely unmarked in the colonies.’
    • ‘One could hardly hope to commemorate Isabella Stewart Gardner and the centennial of her museum more suitably than through the remembrance of one of her most prestigious renaissance peers.’
    • ‘This year is the centennial for a treaty under which Japan deprived Korea of its power to conduct foreign affairs, a prelude to Japan's annexation of the Korean Peninsula in 1910.’
    • ‘This year marks the centennial of the great prize devised by Alfred Nobel.’
    • ‘Its centennial was marked by a ceremony last month in north-central Alberta that was attended by Indian Affairs Minister Jane Stewart.’
    • ‘Next year marks the centennial of the start of the Russo-Japanese War.’
    • ‘Rotary celebrates its centennial in February next year.’
    • ‘This year marks the centennial of the introduction of the venerable variety which was unveiled in England in 1899 by hybridizer John Kendall.’
    • ‘This year marks the centennial of Dr. Seuss's birth - an event that in a strange way seems slightly beside the point.’
    • ‘CRT will develop and implement a detailed and wide-ranging plan to increase awareness of centennial events and the centennial itself, which will occur on December 17, 2003.’
    • ‘This year, marking the centennial of the disaster, three books retell the Mount Pelee story.’
    • ‘This year is the centennial of Albert Einstein formulating his theory of relativity.’
    • ‘Udvar-Hazy's entire donation will go toward the Dulles Center, which is expected to open in December 2003, the centennial of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.’
    • ‘The opera will mark the 450th anniversary of Ukon's birth and the centennial of Japanese migration to the Philippines.’


Late 18th century: from Latin centum ‘a hundred’, on the pattern of biennial.