Definition of cemetery in English:



  • A large burial ground, especially one not in a churchyard.

    ‘a military cemetery’
    • ‘Having looked in the local churchyards and cemeteries, I can find no trace of any Jacksons.’
    • ‘It was never a formal or tidy place, the very opposite of our municipal cemeteries and more like an unkempt churchyard.’
    • ‘The Home Office has launched a review of burial law because there is a shortage of space in cemeteries across Britain.’
    • ‘Funerals are held in churches, and burials are in churchyards or public cemeteries.’
    • ‘The cost of maintenance of parish cemeteries are available at the church doors.’
    • ‘Christians conduct burial rites in cemeteries, and some groups visit special sacred areas.’
    • ‘The service at Harrogate is one of only a few held on Remembrance Sunday in military cemeteries in Britain.’
    • ‘Two years ago, the cemetery suffered from a spate of vandal attacks and several tombs were damaged.’
    • ‘The management and development of public cemeteries must not rely only on graveyard charges.’
    • ‘Can I remind both children and parents that graveyards and cemeteries are not playgrounds.’
    • ‘Some ask to be buried anonymously in a Zurich cemetery and a few have their bodies repatriated for burial.’
    • ‘She said there had been vandalism and regular drug dealing in the cemetery.’
    • ‘We had experienced a really early summer and I can remember the girls at work used to go for lunch in the cemetery.’
    • ‘I have seen the graves of the Indian soldiers in the military cemeteries of France.’
    • ‘My wife and I sat in the churchyard looking at the magnificent views from the little cemetery at the back.’
    • ‘Thanks was extended to all who worked so hard in keeping the cemetery to such a high standard.’
    • ‘Hugh Goudge, warden at the cemetery, said they were aware of the theft problem.’
    • ‘To her horror, she found there was no official record of James's burial in the cemetery.’
    • ‘As a result councils, as the burial authority, must keep cemeteries safe.’
    • ‘Both his parents are dead now and I'm really the only one whose left, and I keep an eye on the cemetery.’
    graveyard, churchyard, burial ground, burial place, burying place, burying ground, garden of remembrance
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Late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek koimētērion ‘dormitory’, from koiman ‘put to sleep’.