Definition of cementitious in English:



  • Of the nature of cement.

    ‘a high-strength cementitious mortar which set within 1.5 hours’
    • ‘It was agreed that all the available evidence indicates that the Armouralia beading was fixed with dabs, probably of cementitious undercoat render, rather than being mechanically fixed.’
    • ‘Water, which weighs about 7.8 pounds per gallon, should equal approximately half the weight of the cementitious material (cement and lime) in the mix.’
    • ‘The bond is achieved by applying a cementitious grout around the strands.’
    • ‘Clayey gravel or gravel, and crushed igneous rocks are commonly used as pavement materials, and cementitious binders are the main stabilising agents.’
    • ‘Why must we mix Portland cement with other cementitious materials?’
    • ‘Addition of A.R. to cementitious grouts, combined with superplasticizer, modifies their rheological properties resulting in the enhancement of their penetrability and the grout propagation into the soil mass.’
    • ‘Introduced in the late 1970s, Air Krete, a cementitious foam product containing magnesium oxide, is one of the few insulation products that chemically sensitive individuals seem to tolerate.’
    • ‘Add any of a number of admixtures or supplementary cementitious materials, and again you alter the nature of the concrete.’
    • ‘Terratop is a cementitious terrazzo topping that bridges the gap between thick-build cementitious terrazzo and the thinner but more difficult to work epoxy terrazzo.’
    • ‘Composed of encapsulated cementitious grout, the product can be used underwater, in overhead applications, in cold temperatures, or in any application where you require an anchor in concrete.’
    • ‘In some parts of the world sugar is still commonly used to retard the set of mortar and other cementitious products.’
    • ‘We conducted RCPT on a rapid-setting repair grout consisting of pre-blended cementitious material.’
    • ‘Does the scope of PCA have to broaden to include all cementitious materials, or should it just stick to Portland cement?’
    • ‘Manufacturers are examining ways of using cementitious or fibrous core insulating materials in place of the plastic insulations.’
    • ‘The interior walls have three coats of cementitious Portland cement plasters.’
    • ‘Air-Krete is a magnesium silicate, cementitious (cement-based) insulation that is foamed and pumped into closed cavities.’
    • ‘This paper has largely presented many of the developments and outstanding issues encountered with the characterisation of in situ cementitious stabilisation of pavement materials.’
    • ‘Various stabilizers for the adobes themselves have been developed, with most, however, relying on cementitious or asphalt-based compounds.’
    • ‘One rapidly growing industry that will have an impact on business is supplemental, cementitious products like slag cement.’
    • ‘To do that, we used estimates of the percentage of cement used in ready-mixed concrete, the cementitious materials content per cubic yard of concrete, and the proportion of Portland cement and fly ash in the cementitious material.’