Definition of cementite in English:



mass nounMetallurgy
  • A hard, brittle iron carbide present in cast iron and most steels.

    • ‘The harder pearlite is comprised of alternating thin layers or shells of ferrite and cementite, a very hard substance.’
    • ‘Fig.8 shows the structure of a steel hardened from 760°C, consisting of particles of cementite dispersed in a matrix of martensite.’
    • ‘It has been shown how the difference in solubility of carbon in austenite and ferrite leads to the familiar ferrite / cementite aggregates in plain carbon steels.’
    • ‘The equilibrium diagram does not tell us what form is taken by the ferrite or cementite ejected from the austenite on cooling.’
    • ‘This cementite is hard (Brinell hardness 600 +), brittle and brilliantly white.’