Definition of cement in English:



mass noun
  • 1A powdery substance made by calcining lime and clay, mixed with water to form mortar or mixed with sand, gravel, and water to make concrete.

    • ‘These were dry cast, which is a technique that dates back to ancient times and calls for tamping a mixture of sand, cement, and water into a mold.’
    • ‘No more than six gallons of water per bag of cement should be used.’
    • ‘The mortar mix used for the vintage building consisted of a Portland cement-slacked lime putty created by mixing cement and lime.’
    • ‘Plaster, like sand, lime and cement, is not an expensive material and at its simplest level is not difficult to use.’
    • ‘On all these levels, I invite you to celebrate the richness of gravel, sand and cement mixed together with water and allowed to cure.’
    • ‘We were having some building work done and there was cement, sand and mortar lying around.’
    • ‘Substituting adobe clay for cement is one option for a more sustainable approach.’
    • ‘This figure is the ratio of sand to the sum of the Portland cement, lime, and mortar cement or masonry cement in the mortar.’
    • ‘This summer the National Trust asked St Blaise Conservation, directed by Keith Garner, RIBA, to replace the cement with lime mortar.’
    • ‘They're as mundane as the flour, cocoa, and sugar in brownie mix or the sand, gravel, and cement used to make concrete.’
    • ‘It contains clay which, like cement, holds things together.’
    • ‘Weigh shovelsful of lime and cement separately so you can calculate approximate water needs for your mix.’
    • ‘The solution that Mr Valentine came up with is a single sheet of waterproof material that can be formed into an open container which can carry anything from sand and cement to water.’
    • ‘Since the plaster is a composite material using appropriate qualities of cement, sand and aggregate, the final material has a dull color.’
    • ‘An identifying phrase that probably Goss himself inscribed on the photograph identifies the white substance as gunite, a solution of cement and water used as a finisher.’
    • ‘Construction methods are traditional: earth bricks, stone, gravel, cement and sand, with flat or thatched roofs.’
    • ‘Yesterday we went to Jewsons and ordered some fence panels, posts, sand, gravel, cement etc.’
    • ‘Cementitious grout of two parts sand to one part cement can be injected below the curled slab edges.’
    • ‘On the other hand, you still need to have sand, cement and crushed stone trucked in, and then you have to shovel it into the mixer.’
    • ‘Pebbles and old quarry tiles had been used to fill in the gap, with the whole area brushed with a dry mix of sand and cement to fill in the cracks, and watered in using a watering can.’
    1. 1.1 Concrete.
      • ‘Many people find a place without carpeting is best from a maintenance point of view as tile or cement is a lot easier to clean.’
      • ‘There was a heavy smacking noise as my hands contacted the cement, and then a softer crack as my right shoulder joint shifted out of position.’
      • ‘West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison has challenged the Environment Agency's plans to allow the burning of toxic waste in cement and lime kilns.’
      • ‘The exuberant, deadly light embraced the dank alley as it sped toward Zarl, uprooting the earth once trapped by cement and gravel.’
      • ‘Wall materials such as stucco, cement, brick, plaster, stone, and block are most resistant to high temperatures.’
      • ‘More affluent farmers live in homes constructed of cement, with tile roofs.’
      • ‘She tried to slow down her breathing as she took soft steps on the cement.’
      • ‘Suddenly tears sprung from her eyes, slowly sliding off her soft cheeks and landing onto the cement, each tear bringing out more sorrow.’
      • ‘The building itself was vintage East German, thin marble facades pasted onto cement, cracked tiles, and plenty of glass to let in the roasting sun.’
      • ‘The roofs are not made of cement and hence the mixed name.’
      • ‘Manda froze, feeling as if her feet were glued to the cement, before someone tackled her to the ground.’
      • ‘With the availability of cement cobble stones and tiles, the paths could be properly laid for the use of those who want to take a walk or jog.’
      • ‘The room is constructed of cinderblocks, gravel, and cement, giving it a very old-fashioned medieval dungeon like appearance.’
      • ‘Suddenly Ryeda could hear the small screeches of rubber meeting cement at such a high speed as the place came to run on the runaway.’
      • ‘Traditional terrazzo is made of cement and marble with extra marble chips on the surface.’
      • ‘The cool cement was smooth beneath my feet, and a soft breeze wound its way through our hair.’
      • ‘‘We had to learn how to work with cinder block, cement, and stucco,’ says Ecker-Haleva.’
    2. 1.2 A soft glue that hardens on setting.
      ‘tile cement’
      • ‘I routed a slot on the underside of the sole rubber to accommodate the head of the screw and glued them back on with contact cement.’
      • ‘I placed the front panel of California face down on the floor and used Dap Weldwood contact cement to glue side-pieces along the edges.’
      • ‘If I were you, I would glue the base tape back on with Barge cement.’
      • ‘If you have quick-set epoxy or muffler cement, patch the leaks after allowing the damaged section to dry thoroughly.’
      • ‘‘Hey Adam thanks for letting me use your spiking glue and spiking cement today,’ Ian said.’
      adhesive, glue, fixative, gum, paste, bonding, binder, sealer, sealant
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    3. 1.3 A factor or element that unites a group of people.
      ‘trust is the cement that holds organizations together’
      • ‘Islam was the cement he used to unite the Arab tribes; commerce was to be the only noble occupation.’
      • ‘Time and again we seek in our sport the consolation of the old values and virtues that were once the only social cement that held Ireland together in the worst of times.’
      • ‘The ideological cement binding the nation was the White Australia Policy, championed by the Australian Labor Party.’
      • ‘Without effective state support for disciplinary sanctions, voluntary consensus was the only real cement for community.’
      • ‘We may regard the DANCE ANNUAL DIRECTORY as a bunch of names and numbers, but it truly is the cement of our community.’
      • ‘And it has served as the cement that has bound Europe together.’
      • ‘What held this strange alliance of East Belfast back street preacher and born again estate agent together was the cement of sectarianism.’
      • ‘In all cases, nationalism and patriotism proved powerful cement for bonding the state with society.’
      • ‘But in the last analysis discipline is a crucial part of the cement which binds armed forces together.’
      • ‘As we will see in the next chapter, these emotions may be the cement that binds human society together.’
      • ‘It also provided a social cement in new urban communities.’
      • ‘Politics was the cement which bound the late John Healy and myself, as Editor, to the young team that launched a pioneering regional newspaper.’
      • ‘In today's less hierarchical business world, trust is the cement that holds organisations together.’
      • ‘The cement that holds together the various strands of the Bush administration is their pocketbooks and stock market portfolios.’
    4. 1.4 A substance for filling cavities in teeth.
      ‘dental cement’
      • ‘All electrodes were soldered to a miniature socket, which was attached to the skull with dental cement.’
      • ‘The Israeli surgeons say that a form of root canal treatment by injection of cement may be effective in a range of bone and joint disorders.’
      • ‘Bonding between the cement and dental hard tissues is achieved through an ionic exchange at the interface.’
    5. 1.5Anatomy A thin layer of bony material that fixes teeth to the jaw.
      • ‘The root is encased by cementum, which is much thinner than enamel and not as durable.’
      • ‘After further validation of their findings, Shi said he and his colleagues decided to pursue the next big question: Could these stem cells actually form periodontal ligament and cementum when transplanted into mice?’
      • ‘These teeth are, however, surrounded by a layer of cementum.’
      • ‘A bony layer of cementum covers the outside of the root, under the gum line, and holds the tooth in place within the jawbone.’
      • ‘The fibres of the periodontal ligament attach through cementum to the dentine surface.’
    6. 1.6Geology The material which binds particles together in sedimentary rock.
      • ‘It postdates calcite cement as the latest pore-filling material.’
      • ‘Geopetal infillings in the internal cavity of the shells were observed and represented by poorly lithified micritic and aragonitic cement.’
      • ‘Deformation bands and early calcite cement develop upon wall-rock contraction after fluidization ceased and fluid pressures dropped.’
      • ‘The tight grain packing and typical absence of cement in the ejecta show that porosity loss has gone to completion and hence the volume reduction will be equivalent to or exceed the initial porosity.’
      • ‘These hard, round spheres of sedimentary rock cement are carried into place by ground water.’


[with object]
  • 1Fix with cement.

    ‘wooden posts were cemented into the ground’
    • ‘I was holding the nose of my board and saw it go straight towards the base of the rail where it was cemented to the ground.’
    • ‘But it was as if her feet had been cemented to the ground.’
    • ‘The nearby Jubilee Garden, next to the Old Bell Hotel, has four benches, which have been cemented to the ground because of previous problems with vandalism.’
    • ‘Thieves broke chains cemented into the ground to gain access to the machine, before driving through the side of the hut leaving a gaping hole.’
    • ‘Because of his love of horse riding, his parents, Janice and Glynn, bought a brass horse which was cemented into the ground next to his grave.’
    • ‘My mail box was also blown up three times last year until I mounted a 20-pound one on a solid steel post cemented into the ground.’
    • ‘Low retaining walls have been cemented onto the sloping rock surface to channel the water into a reservoir at the base of the outcrop.’
    • ‘The concrete blocks were placed on the street's surface, using interlocking sections and were not cemented to the ground.’
    • ‘It's best to mount the house on a metal pole that's cemented into the ground.’
    • ‘We're making sure that every brick is the right brick and that it's firmly cemented into the wall.’
    • ‘But they just stood there, as if their feet were cemented to the ground.’
    • ‘I made a start yesterday by cementing the first supporting post in but I'll have to wait till the weekend till I can get back to it.’
    • ‘The bench is cemented to the ground so they can't move it, so it's my landmark.’
    stick, bond, join, connect
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    1. 1.1 Settle or establish firmly.
      ‘the two firms are expected to cement an agreement soon’
      • ‘Now, 13 years after his information technology firm was born, McSherry's drive is paying off as Prosys Business Solutions cements its reputation a one of the country's most innovative companies.’
      • ‘Despite the mist and rain, love affairs between soldiers and Faroe islanders blossomed, cementing the centuries-old connections between the two fishing nations.’
      • ‘The religious and cultural bonds further cemented those ties with village people, which they remember with nostalgia.’
      • ‘With Dudley cementing their place to join Bedford in the divisional leagues, one relegation place remains to be determined.’
      • ‘It cements the commonly held view that the former prime minister has long been a useful, though informal, mediator and adviser to both sides in the cross-strait face-off between China and Taiwan.’
      • ‘As boys become men, they enter a working world that often reinforces the psychologically debilitating lessons of their childhood, a world where humiliation cements hierarchies in place.’
      • ‘The Corrugated Iron Club which is actually maintained by Common Ground thus further cementing my utter admiration for this fantastic organisation.’
      • ‘Finally, elitist condescension, however merited, helps cement Bush's bond to the masses.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, outside the United States, the Abu Ghraib story doesn't so much ‘damage’ our reputation, as it merely cements it.’
      • ‘Apart from creating employment is also serves to enhance the area and cement community and social bonds.’
      • ‘Both leaders sought to reinvigorate the US-European bonds that were cemented during and after World War II.’
      • ‘The plant, which will initially produce 100,000 cars a year beginning in 2006, cements Guangdong's favoured-location status with Japanese carmakers.’
      • ‘They are well-matched and mutually dependent with the barest hint of latent sexual attraction to cement their bond as reckless partners in crime.’
      • ‘He added: ‘It's huge for the city because it cements our standing as a world banking centre - not just as a part of Manhattan, but standing alone as a world banking centre now.’’
      • ‘Conversely, even in the most cosmopolitan of line-ups, where you're lucky if English is the second language for half the squad, nothing cements international peace and brotherhood as effectively as success.’
      • ‘Today's news that the surplus has more than doubled to $5.3 billion cements their place in history and opens the way for an even bigger pre-election bidding war.’
      • ‘If not selfless, then maybe Rashbrook is selfish in cementing her romantic bond with new cells - the everyday parental narcissism that is unlikely to be propitious for children.’
      • ‘Marriage connections help cement the relationship - his wife, Lady Margaret, is the sister of David Ogilvy, the 13 th Earl of Airlie.’
      • ‘Malinowski found that kula cements social bonds between island groups, and according to anthropologist Richard Harper this makes it an ideal basis for new ways to make technology useful.’
      • ‘Fame and recognition has only cemented his attachment to Vadugapatti, his native village in Theni district.’
    2. 1.2Geology (of a material) bind (particles) together in sedimentary rock.
      ‘the original quartz grains were cemented by authigenic quartz’
      • ‘The sediment is cemented by material derived from pore waters and grain dissolution.’
      • ‘Outcrops of the Leadville Limestone at the south end of Main Street contain vugs of quartz crystals that have cemented brecciated limestone.’
      • ‘This material cemented nuggets of gold and contained gold itself.’
      • ‘The composition of the lode is similar to that of the Isle Royale lode and consists of fragments of the oxidized brecciated flow top cemented by quartz, calcite, prehnite, and epidote.’
      • ‘Movement along the vein resulted in a breccia that was cemented by additional quartz and prehnite along with copper mineralization.’


Middle English: from Old French ciment (noun), cimenter (verb), from Latin caementum ‘quarry stone’, from caedere ‘hew’.