Definition of Celtic tiger in English:

Celtic tiger


  • The Irish economy, or Ireland itself, as regarded during the period of rapid economic growth that characterized the 1990s and early 21st century.

    • ‘The announcement of the closure has caused widespread gloom, with concerns that it heralds the imminent demise of the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘Living away from Ireland, the Celtic Tiger was the big news coming out of the country for him.’
    • ‘Retail space has also done well thanks to the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘Their capacity to deliver a body blow to the Celtic Tiger by scaling down their activities - or even pulling out - is very limited.’
    • ‘What the Republic needs is to become a member of a political power block capable of protecting the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘Inflated remuneration packages once associated with sales roles in high-tech companies seem to have gone into hibernation along with the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘Workers who look for more are warned that they will be responsible for the death of the Celtic tiger.’
    • ‘When the Celtic Tiger was at its strongest there were almost as many Irish purchasers as British in Spain.’
    • ‘The Celtic Tiger is not dead, despite the fears of the professors.’
    • ‘Continuous professional development and the idea of lifelong learning became popular buzz-words across the recruitment industry during the boom times of the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘And the Celtic Tiger has given almost everyone a full loaf of bread all to themselves.’
    • ‘Much of the Celtic Tiger's success depended on foreign investments.’
    • ‘Many Irish people are - post Celtic Tiger - patently immune to such delicate feeling.’
    • ‘The example of 'The Celtic Tiger', Ireland, is a case in point.’
    • ‘Come on, the Celtic Tiger was good enough to leave us with more than just a "tiny elite group" of euro millionaires.’
    • ‘The Celtic tiger is now a more laggard beast.’
    • ‘A story that tells of deep-seated structural inadequacies in the Irish people and state could not predict nor explain the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘The Celtic Tiger has been very good to many Irish.’
    • ‘In Ireland, the governor of the Central Bank of Ireland has been rather swift in pronouncing the death of the Celtic Tiger.’
    • ‘These projections together with increasing individual wealth associated with the Celtic Tiger suggest that demand for nursing homes will increase.’