Definition of cellularity in English:



  • See cellular

    • ‘In several cases, an occasional area of degenerate Antoni B tissue, often containing foamy macrophages, was seen to have an associated peripheral increase in cellularity.’
    • ‘The core biopsy showed an overall cellularity of approximately 50%. Although normal differentiation and maturation were still visible, the marrow was dominated by myelomonocytic cells.’
    • ‘Supporting evidence for malignant transformation included high cellularity, increased mitotic activity, cellular pleomorphism, hemorrhage, and necrosis.’
    • ‘Using the Fisher exact test, the difference in cellularity of the lesions in the childbearing age group versus perimenopausal and postmenopausal women was statistically significant.’
    • ‘One spinal tumor demonstrated focal histologic features consistent with a high-grade sarcoma, including brisk mitoses, increased cellularity, marked nuclear hyperchromasia, and marked cellular pleomorphism.’